Teachers play an important role in everyone’s lives. Throughout your years, you will come across many teachers who would have imparted knowledge and skills that would have moulded you into who you are today. Honour and thank these significant role models you look up to with the best Teacher’s Day gifts. Whether you’re looking for a wallet-friendly gift or a premium one to surprise your greatest guru, we’ve got them all!

Affordable Gifts Under $50

On a tight budget, especially during these difficult and uncertain times, yet wish to gift something meaningful and elegant? Here are some Teacher’s Day gift ideas that fit the bill!

1.  Message In A Bottle

Dried Flowers Message Bottle 1

Pen your heartfelt message for a special teacher and have it rolled and placed in a tube and tied with rustic flowers. Express your gratitude in an old-fashioned classic way amidst the social media frenzy.

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2. Customised Preserved Flower Frames

Customised Joy

Simply write a personalised message for your teacher and send it to us. We will have it printed on a card which will then be decorated with a minimalistic arrangement of preserved flowers by Faith, a beloved beneficiary of ours who is hearing and partially vision impaired. The completed card will be placed in a wooden frame, making it a meaningful gift for both men and women. Not only will you get the satisfaction of supporting the work of a driven individual like Faith, your teacher will be happy to be part of the social cause too!

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Personalised Gifts Under $150

3. Birthstone Charms

Birthstone charms

Birthstone Charms in Scarlet and Champagne

Small in size but big in impact, BloomBack’s Birthstone bag charms make perfect inexpensive Teacher’s Day gifts. Priced at $60 and $65 for petite and classic charms respectively, birthstone charms are available in 10 beautiful colours. Personalise your charms with your teacher’s name and birthstone. Enjoy a bulk discount when you purchase more than 3 charms!

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4. More Than Words Glass Dome

More Than Words Paradise

Express your unspoken words of appreciation and gratitude with our More Than Words Dome. Pen a short and touching message for your wonderful teacher and have it placed in the dome, surrounded by a beautiful arrangement of carnation and other flora, making it a gorgeous and everlasting gift.

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Thoughtful Gifts Below $200


Med Dome Isw

For the hardworking teacher who is in need of a therapeutic and meaningful activity that creates bonding. Choose from our variety of DIY kits and gift it to a teacher to help them destress and spend quality time with their loved ones. Every kit comes with the necessary materials and step-by-step video guide that will make the assembly a breeze. What’s more? BloomBack will be holding virtual workshops to engage in fun crafting activities together soon! 

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6. Thankful For You Glass Dome

Unti2tled 1

Here’s a dome from our NEW collection that consists of vibrant colours! Like the domes, teachers have added a rainbow of colours to our lives. Yellow rose, representing happiness, makes this arrangement a lively and meaningful Teacher’s Day gift! 

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7. A Timeless Piece Glass Dome

ATP Treasure

Preserve a very special captured memory of your teacher and you with our new A Timeless Piece domes. Have your photo printed and placed amongst a paradise of everlasting flowers encased in a glass dome. Complete the gift with some words of appreciation on the complimentary greeting card. Choose between 2 design variations – Glace and Treasure. 

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Premium Gifts above $200

If you think the gifts above do not make the cut just yet, check out these truly luxe and premium gifts for the most deserving teachers in your life.

8. Life Is Beautiful Bluetooth Speakers

Life Is Beautiful V2

Give your busy mentor the ultimate 3-in-1 gift. Music, flowers and lights make this Bluetooth speaker a practical Teacher’s Day gift for both men and women. Hear the flowers sing and light up at any time of the day. Play non stop music for up to 8 hours and charge the speakers conveniently with the USB charging cable that is provided. Besides, music has incredible mental health benefits such as reducing stress and boosting positive energy, that just elevates the meaning behind the gift for your mentor. Let your gift be uniquely meaningful! 

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9. My Fair Lady Jewellery Box

My Fair Lady Photoshoot

Is your wife or mother a teacher who has impacted many lives? Is she exhausted at the end of a working day yet never fails to take care of the family? Does she speak about how proud she is of her students? She deserves a gift that is as special as her this Teacher’s Day. Present her with BloomBack’s jewellery box that has preserved roses studded with crystals encased in them. Make her feel loved and appreciated for all that she has done for everyone around her.

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10. You Are Beloved Gift Set

Website Photoss 3

Two is better than one! This dome makes a perfect Teacher’s Day gift with a unique preserved flower arrangement that is illuminated by LED lights, that doubles up as a night lamp too. Paired with the dome is the classic birthstone charm in Champagne.

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These Teacher’s Day gifts are only scratching the surface of how much BloomBack has to offer. Check out our full collection of gifts on our website with endless personalisation options. Along with the gifts you pick, sweeten the deal with meaningful add-ons such as gift cards, bouquet pens, aromatic rose soap and more! This Teacher’s Day, select a gift that truly expresses your appreciation for the special role model who has changed your life for the better.