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Looking for the perfect gift to pamper your loved ones? Be sure to go through this checklist before buying your gift! Our Best Sellers tick all the boxes and are guaranteed to make your loved ones smile for any occasion.  

✔️ Handcrafted gifts are often the most MEMORABLE gifts 

✔️ High QUALITY gift that lasts

✔️ It’s all about PRESENTATION

✔️ PERSONALISATION makes all the difference

✔️ Create an element of SURPRISE

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Everyone knows that gift giving should come from the heart.

But not many will tell you how difficult gift giving may be. Gifts are an expression of love and tell your recipient that you were thinking about them. A thoughtful gift speaks volumes and touches the soul. This is why we believe it is important to give meaningfully by selecting the perfect gift for their special occasion.

It’s hard to start somewhere when you may not have an idea of what you want to get. While you have spent time scrolling through the internet to search for gift ideas, you’re still as stumped as before. No matter how close you are to that special person, no matter how long you’ve spent with them, sometimes we all still struggle with thinking of unique gift ideas that will resonate. It is their day, and we all want our gifts to demonstrate the love and admiration we have for them contributing greatly in our lives. 

To help you select a quality present for that someone, BloomBack has a hassle free solution for you. Lift the weight off your shoulders by impressing them with a token of appreciation and affection from our specially curated gifts here. As a trusted online florist and gifts shop, we understand the complexity of choosing the right fit for that someone. With our experienced artisans, you can be sure that your gift is in good hands.

Diverse selection of gifts

People are like flowers. Just as there are a myriad of flowers, people have many diverse personalities, and Bloomback provides gifts which suits all. Be spoilt for choice with the vast array of preserved flowers available to cater for your every need. No matter which occasion, our all in one artisanal gifts are designed to make a lasting impression and make your loved one beam with delight.

From preserved Flower Glass Domes, Bluetooth Speakers to Bag Charm accessories, explore our curated list of customers' favourite beautiful and statement making pieces. Home is where the heart is, so our luxurious Preserved Flower Domes and Bluetooth Speakers are able to spruce up their living space. Watch their faces light up when you create an element of surprise by adding our exclusive Premium Surprise Gift Box for the ultimate unboxing gift reveal experience.

For a more memorable and personalised gift, go for our wide range of Personalised Birthstone Bag Charms which are available in different colours, including your recipient’s! If you’re torn between choices, pamper your loved one with the best of both worlds through our specially curated gifts sets which are elegant and value for money. No matter what you pick, these quality gifts are the key to representing your heartfelt feelings.

Reliable customer service

Still indecisive? Speak to our skilled team over Whatsapp customer service to get a clearer picture about what you’re looking for. At BloomBack, we take all your considerations at heart. You can leave it to us to curate aesthetically thoughtful and personalised gifts to convey your thoughts and feelings.

Same day delivery

Whether you’re a last minute or overthinking gifter not sure on what to get, we have all your considerations at heart. With guaranteed same day delivery, Bloomback is your go to one-stop reliable and trusted online florist. Put your mind at ease with our professional service standards and quality assurance that your gifts will reach your recipient safely, timely on their special day.

Immortalising memories with preserved flowers

There is no better way to eternalise your precious memories with long lasting and environmentally friendly preserved flowers from Bloomback. Compared to fresh or dried flowers, preserved flowers last for years while being kept at a low maintenance, still appearing just as vibrant as the day it was crafted.

Preserved flowers are real flowers that undergo a high-tech process to transform them into beautiful display pieces that require little to no maintenance. The technology is 100% eco-certified, meeting stringent international environmental standards. Despite looking exactly like fresh flowers, preserved flowers’ lifespan is more than 100 times of fresh flowers. They actually last up to 3 years and are suitable for everyone, since they are free of alcohol and allergen. 

Empowering disadvantaged communities

With your support, we empower individuals from marginalised communities, including the training of our beneficiaries.

Our experienced floral artisan, Aunty Alice was once a hawker who struggled to make ends meet while single-handedly raising 3 children. After joining BloomBack, she discovered her hidden passion for floral arrangement. Today, she handcrafts all our floral gifts with love and precision. Faith, another floral artisan at BloomBack is visually and hearing impaired. Suffering from depression years ago, she has since regained a sense of dignity through her craft as an artisan, and was able to find a renewed sense of purpose and acceptance of herself.

While it is a small effort, you can contribute to making waves of impact by purchasing gifts in our collection. Together, we can provide a safe refuge and heal marginalised communities in our society.