Farewell is an inevitable phase that many of us will experience in our lives. To express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to our dear colleagues or friends, many of us choose to give them a farewell gift. How do we find a suitable and meaningful gift for them? Let us give you some farewell gift ideas! At BloomBack, we have a wide range of eco-friendly preserved flower arrangements handcrafted by artisans from the marginalised community to help you find a meaningful farewell gift for your favourite boss, colleague or friend.

Unique Personalised Domes for a Beloved Colleague 

Nothing beats a personalised farewell gift for a beloved colleague. Personalisation makes a more sincere and memorable farewell gift as your dear colleague will know how much you cherish them. At BloomBack, we have included various personalisation options for our domes to make your beloved colleague feel extra special. 


Mtw Love V2

More Than Words – Love Glass Dome

For instance, you can consider giving your dear colleague our More Than Words dome. This dome is highly customisable, which allows you to create a unique dome for your colleague. From choosing the colours of the carnations and figurines to crafting a special message for your colleague, you create a dome like no other. Your heartfelt message will be placed inside the dome and be surrounded by beautiful carnations, making this dome and its variations gorgeous farewell gift ideas. Your colleague would surely appreciate the thought and effort you put into personalising the farewell gift for him or her. 

For other glass domes, you can choose to personalise the farewell gift by adding your colleague’s name or a special date on our domes. For example, you can wish your colleague all the best in their next phase of life with our All Is Well dome. Made up of baby blue preserved roses, this arrangement encourages them to remember that everything happens for a reason and all will unfold in divine timing. 


Walking on sunshine

Walking on Sunshine Glass Dome

For that cheerful colleague who never fails to bring happiness to the office, you can consider giving him or her our Walking on Sunshine dome, which consists of yellow gerberas encased in a glass dome. The bright and vibrant yellow gerberas will definitely lift the spirits of your colleague and brighten his or her day. 


Bluetooth Speakers For Your Boss or Mentor 

For your boss or mentor who are music lovers, you can consider farewell gift ideas from our Bluetooth Speakers Collection. Equipped with LED lights and Bluetooth speakers, our glass domes from this collection can be used for many purposes. Not only can these glass domes be connected via Bluetooth to play music, they can be used as a night lamp too. 

Everyday with you BT

Everyday With You – LED & Bluetooth Speaker


Remind your dearest boss or mentor to embrace the beauty of life with our Life Is Beautiful Bluetooth Speaker. After a long day, your loved ones can look forward to enjoying some music while admiring the beauty of our flowers illuminating in the dark. Furthermore, music and flowers are beneficial to our mental health by helping to lower anxiety and reduce stress. 

You can also express your heartfelt admiration and respect for your boss or mentor’s talents and competencies with our You Are Capable Bluetooth Speaker. The beauty and elegance of our preserved flower arrangement will make a good form of household or office decor for them. 


Bag Charms for Your Best Friend At Work 

To your best friend at work who adores accessories, you can consider giving her BloomBack’s very own birthstone charms as a farewell gift. Our birthstone charms can be attached to bags to create an elevated and sophisticated look. 

Birthstone charms

Classic Birthstone Charms in Scarlet, Sweet Pink and Champagne


You can choose to personalise the charm for your best friend with her birthstone and name letterings. Your friend will be delighted and touched to receive such a personalised and thoughtful farewell gift

Our birthstone charms come in ten unique colours, such as Smokey Blue and Peach. These versatile colours can be easily matched with a variety of colours, making it a good complement to one’s outfit. 


Hear How our Customers Bid Goodbye in Style 

Complete your farewell gift with a heartfelt message to say your final goodbyes to your dearest colleagues and friends. Here are some farewell messages you can consider writing for them: 


“To my favourite work bestie, thank you for a wonderful 8 years filled with laughter and happiness. I wish to express my deepest gratitude for always being a pillar of support and the best mentor. I’ll miss you so much. Wish you only the best in your future endeavours. Keep in touch!”



When one door closes, another opens and it can bring many promises along. Sure, you may be nervous about whatever is to come, but a new opportunity means wonderful possibilities. Wishing you the best new beginning at your next job! You will be missed!”

Gifts For Him


“Sending you our love and best wishes as you start a new journey. May you be basking in God’s love and be serenaded with joyful music everyday. We were unable to say goodbye in person, but please know that you will be dearly missed. Thanks to you, we made unforgettable memories during our vacation! Big bear hug!”


It is never easy to bid farewell to the people we share fond memories and close-knit friendships with. However, we can always wish them well for their next phase in life with a meaningful gift. Our preserved flower arrangements make great farewell gifts as they last for years without any maintenance for years. 

As we believe in the power of flowers to restore and empower individuals, our gifts are handcrafted by the marginalised community. By supporting BloomBack, you are making a difference to the lives of our artisans and doing good for the community. With BloomBack’s wide range of farewell gift ideas catered to your various needs and budgets, we hope that you will find a suitable gift for your dear colleagues and friends. 

By Clara Lim

BloomBack Volunteer Writer

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