Gifting during this pandemic year is more important than ever to show care and concern to our loved ones. At BloomBack, a Singapore based online retailer, we aim to provide a meaningful platform to allow others to experience the joy of spreading love and hope through conscious gifting. Join us on our journey and create a positive impact on the community this Christmas season!


Our year-end campaign, Let Light In, was launched to remind people that no matter the physical distance one may have from their loved ones, they can still show them that they are loved and cared for. As another year goes by with COVID-19 keeping loved ones apart, we have released exclusive and unique products as a special way to unite people and spark connections beyond boundaries. 

At BloomBack, we believe in the power of flowers and how a simple act of gifting them can grant hope and empower individuals in the marginalised communities.

Personalised Festive Gift Sets

More than just an ordinary gift, we aspire to transform the action of gifting into a meaningful and thoughtful experience that pampers your loved ones, and deepens connections. 

BloomBack’s all-in-one artisan festive gift sets are designed to not just make gifting easy for you, but also create an everlasting impression. Each item is carefully handpicked to promote mental wellness and relaxation, keeping stress at bay. These gift sets are made even more meaningful with our complimentary Faith in Bloom Card that is included in every gift set – a customised card with the first letter of your recipient’s name, a hand drawn design by a visually impaired and deaf artisan. 

With several wellness items in our festive gift set such as our therapeutic 2-in-1 Floral Display Diffuser and Silk Eye Mask to calm your mind and promote a good night’s rest, every item in these festive gift sets are curated from the heart to boost mental wellness. They are a must have in your self-care routine, and the perfect gift of self-love that your loved ones deserve.

Unique Festive Gifts

BloomBack offers the best of both worlds with products like our 2-in-1 Floral Display Diffuser. Repurpose the used glass bottle by transforming it into a simple DIY vase arrangement with the complimentary preserved flowers provided. This dual purpose product was designed to encourage upcycling, and spread love and hope through a convenient, fun, and meaningful ecosystem. 

Our 3-in 1 LED and Bluetooth speakers not only play your favourite music with quality sound, but serves as a beautiful floral home decor and mood light to keep you company. 

Experiential DIY Pause Kits Gifts

Our DIY Pause kits are a relaxing interlude of creative freedom and encourage mental wellness. Spend quality time with your friends and family through our selection of artisan DIY Pause Kits. Refresh your mind by taking time to learn something new in the art of flower crafting. Pamper yourself and loved ones to a much needed break and do things which you enjoy. Great for bonding with family, friends and colleagues.

Diy Pause.kit – Medium Dome

DIY PAUSE.kit – Medium Dome – $160

Diy Pause.kit – Happiness Bottle $50

DIY PAUSE.kit – Happiness Bottle – $50

Value and Affordable Gifts

Enjoy more for less with our handpicked collection of happiness. BloomBack’s must-have bag charms made out of 100% real preserved flowers are a statement piece on any bag. These highly raved charms come with a complimentary birthstone and are created to celebrate wellness, serving as great positive reminders you can carry around with you. Make your gift special by personalising the letterings with your recipient’s name. 

Personalised Birthstone Bag Charms Coral Peach
Personalised Birthstone Bag Charms Custom Initials Ivory Champagne

Personalised Birthstone Bag Charms (Assorted Colours) – $70

Aromatic Flower Soap (pink White)

Aromatic Flower Soap (Pink/White) – $25

Happiness Bottles

Happiness Bottles (Set of 3 or 5) $50 – $75

Save on Sets

Enjoy greater savings and convenience by shopping for our bundle sets.These value for money sets save you the trouble of sourcing for different gifts, and are also personalisable to ensure that every gift is unique to each recipient. Deliver additional happiness through our generous selection of products to amaze your loved ones.

Premium Gift Sets

Two (and more!) is better than one when it comes to gifts. Curated in store with our crowd favourites that give you the most value, you need not look further in searching for the best gift pairings to convey your love and thoughts. 

At BloomBack, we understand all your needs and aim to make gifting convenient for you. We offer same day delivery and reliable customer service that goes above and beyond, including easy exchange and refunds.

Surprise your loved ones

We ensure that your gifts are well protected with our beautiful packaging. Add an element of surprise with our exclusive surprise box that creates the ultimate gift reveal!

Upgrade to Surprise Gift Box

Add on Surprise Gift Box – $20

Help save our environment

At BloomBack, we make it easy for you to do your part to save our environment – we use preserved flowers in our products instead of fresh flowers. Preserved flowers are real flowers that undergo a high-tech process to transform them into beautiful display pieces that require little to no maintenance. The technology is 100% eco-certified, meaning it meets stringent international environmental standards. Despite looking just like fresh flowers, preserved flowers’ lifespan is up to 3 years or longer and are suitable for everyone, since they are free of alcohol and allergen.

Empowering disadvantaged individuals

With the support of our customers and with every purchase of our gifts, we empower individuals from marginalised communities.

Faith, one of our beneficiary florists who is deaf and visually impaired had once suffered from severe depression. She has since recovered after joining the BloomBack team and found a renewed purpose in life. She now designs motivational gifts which are available on our website and conducts our personal and corporate workshops. Purchasing our Christmas gifts will help to spread awareness of our mission to spread love and hope, creating a social impact among the community.

Same Day Delivery

Shopping for a last-minute Christmas gift has just gotten easier. BloomBack’s Christmas gifts are just a click away and we offer same-day gift delivery in Singapore for purchases that are made by 2pm.

For more information, check out our Festive Collection page.

About BloomBack 

BloomBack’s existence stems from our brand owner’s personal experience in realising how the simple act of expressing love and compassion with flowers brought about big changes in her sister’s life. With the hope of using this life changing experience to encourage and inspire others to go back to the basics in seeking what truly matters – the importance of expressing love, she started this social enterprise with the mission to make it easy for people to readily spread love and hope through a convenient, fun and meaningful ecosystem. 

In addition, we are proud to announce that BloomBack is a newly joined the Made with Passion brand – national initiative that spotlights the diversity of local lifestyle brands and their hard work and dedication to create products that people love and trust.