With our second year into Christmas with COVID-19, we all have more or less settled into the new normal of celebrating the holiday far apart in smaller groups. Be it video calling our loved ones as we celebrate the occasion, or connecting by playing online games together as a family, let’s admit it: Christmas doesn’t feel the same when we’re further apart. 

Though much has changed, the one thing that will always stay the same is the smile that lights up your loved ones’ faces as they unwrap to find the best gift that they truly love. We all know the feeling. Picking a gift may be easy, but conveying your heartfelt emotions that connect to your loved ones in this period spent far apart is difficult. All the more reason why gifting thoughtfully becomes even more important this season!

We curated a list of the ultimate Christmas gift ideas guide for everyone on your Christmas list, inspiring closeness and union between loved ones even during this tough time.

Top Gifts for Best Friends who’ve been with you through Thick and Thin

Through the many years of friendship, your best friends have stuck by your every high and low. At this point, you may even dub yourselves peas in a pod, partners in crime, siblings from another parent – call it whatever you
wish. You’ve joined so many of your family dinners and celebrated special occasions together for years that even their parents are well acquainted with you. With the much time spent together, you’ve already sent them many presents and now your well of gift ideas may be running dry. Honestly, you don’t want to disappoint them by sending just another basic ‘been there done that’ gift. To help you select a unique gift, we’ve picked out a few gifts that your best friends will definitely enjoy.

Blush Pink Charm Beige Tassel New

Limited Edition Personalised Birthstone Bag Charm – Blush Pink – $70


Gift this highly raved charm with long-lasting preserved flowers to your No.1 BFF. Complete with a complimentary meaningful birthstone to remind them that they are extra special to you!

Personalised Birthstone Bag Charm Value Set of 5 – $310


Perfect for large friend groups, this set of 5 saves more for less and lets you personalise each charm to fit the personality of every member of your diverse friendship.

Charms Set of 3

Fitbit Luxe – $198


Whether your best friend is a wellness or sports fanatic, you can be sure that this fitness tracker will be the remedy to boosting their mind, body, and health.

Your Significant Other will 100% Love this Meaningful Gift as much as they Love you

If there’s a gift for anyone on your Christmas gift list that you struggle with, it will be one for your significant other. Spending many deep late night conversations and sharing dreams together, you know them inside out. And you’d think you would have already figured out what to get. But whether or not you’ve been with each other for just a while or for years now, struggling to find a
unique present to impress and surprise your other half has never been this difficult.

A Timeless Piece - Treasure | Personalised Preserved Flowers Glass Dome

A Timeless Piece – Treasure (With Surprise Gift Box) – $190


Eternalise your favourite memory together as a couple from a special and meaningful occasion in this beautiful preserved flower dome. Completed with an elegant box, give them the unforgettable element of surprise that they’ll surely remember.

BloomBack only uses preserved flowers – which involves a sophisticated and premium preservation method which results in a radiant flower with a completely natural appearance. Preserved flowers can last up to 3 years with minimal care.

Elwyn Coin Pouch Bifold Wallet

Elwyn Coin Pouch Bifold Wallet (RFID) – $198

Gnome & Bow

A classic design polished to modern day standards, show your significant other how special they are to you by customising their name onto this wallet. This comes with RFID protections against credit card fraud and identity theft.

Thoughtful Gifts for Everyone in the Family

Home is where the heart belongs, so it is only paramount that we would want to spend even more on the people who have raised us through the earliest years of our life. They taught us many
festive traditions and have shaped us into the person we are today. Even when we didn’t heed their advice in the past, we slowly understood their concerns as we became mature. This season, cheers to the people who were here for us even before we could walk.

Isn't She Lovely LED Bluetooth Speaker

Isn’t She Lovely (LED & Bluetooth Speaker) –  $235


This luxury preserved flower dome is both beautiful and practical, allowing your mum or sister to play their favourite songs, creating the perfect ambience they love.

If you wish for a more gender neutral option, BloomBack provides customisation to match your every need. Our customer service is always ready to provide you with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Your Colleague will Definitely Appreciate and Use this Practical Gift

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition that is sure to come around as the holiday hustle draws near. We all know the drill – notebooks, candles, and hand cream gift sets are the basics.  But how many of us are actually sure our co-workers will appreciate and use the gifts we give them? As fun as it is, Secret Santa is more often than not a hit or miss, with gifts often left untouched after the festivities. But besides relationship building between fellow colleagues in the office, we all aim for the same goal: getting a gift that you can’t go wrong with.

Laptop Carry Sleeve

Laptop Carry Sleeve – $59


This sleek laptop sleeve that provides protection and can double up as a makeshift stand will be the ideal work space essential every colleague would wish for.

The Best Gift to Impress your Mentors

We all have this one mentor in our life that just stands out. Maybe it’s their charismatic personality, inspiring stories, or insightful judgement, because we look up to them with wonder. With every lesson taught to us, we are so grateful to them for being our guiding starlight. 

Kindle Article

Amazon Kindle – $79.99


For an inspirational person like themselves, a Kindle makes a fitting gift for your mentor, complete with thousands of eye-opening books right at their fingertips.

Extend your thanks to those who matter in this season of gifting with these Christmas gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for your family or significant other, these unique and meaningful presents are sure to convey your thoughts.