This Mother’s Day, show mum some unforgettable love with some of our favourite and most thoughtful gifts. When it comes to gifts, flowers are a must! Surprise her in style with our Mother’s Day flower delivery special!

It’s probably also the one time where you can splurge on pampering her without worrying about any nagging. If fresh flowers aren’t really your thing, what about preserved flowers that are eco-friendly and everlasting? As a gift, they are uniquely beautiful and long-lasting.

Why Choose Preserved Flowers for This Mother’s Day Gift?

Preserved flowers are real flowers that have undergone a special preservation process to last for years. As a result, we do not need to water or expose them to sunshine. Your flowers will never wilt, and you will never have to remove dry leaves or replace the flower. You’ll always have lovely flowers for mum! 

These long-lasting blooms are wonderful for everyone and may be used in a variety of settings. 

They are a perfect alternative to fresh flowers and plants in situations where it is impossible to decorate with fresh flowers and plants owing to a lack of sunshine and the constant need to water and care for plants, and they never attract insects and bugs. 

They might just be perfect for the mothers in your life. Like fresh flowers, preserved flowers come in many different designs, styles, arrangements, colour palettes, and textures. At BloomBack, we’ve curated seven Mother’s Day gifts for you to choose from that any mother is sure to adore! 

Mother’s Day Gift Set A: Always with you + Classic Scarlet Charm 

Built to last and designed to be utterly gorgeous, the Classic Gift Set – Always With You is bound to touch the traditional mum’s heart for eternity. Our best selling classic dome gift set is handcrafted using 100% real flowers, and these premium flowers can last up to three years. Coming in a beautiful red, the significance of the red rose dates back to Greek mythology, and the belief that the red rose was created by Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. A universal symbol of love, roses make a stunning gift and are a gorgeous way to show your love and gratitude to mum for all she’s done.

This set also comes with our matching Scarlet charm that can be personalised with your mum’s name and a choice of a meaningful birthstone.

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Mother’s Day Gift Set B: You Complete Me + Classic Peach Charm

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Similar to Set A, Set B consists of our best selling Classic Gift Set – You Complete Me in beautiful pink roses. They are best to be sent to someone you have a lot of respect for! Affection, care, appreciation, kindness, and admiration are some of the meanings associated with pink roses. And who comes to mind first when you think of those things? This timeless classic is sure to enchant with its stunning ombre effect which will inspire, delight, and comfort.

This set also comes with our matching Peach charm that can be personalised with your mum’s name and a choice of a meaningful birthstone.

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Mother’s Day Gift Set C: Pamper Her

What better way to spoil that special lady than helping her feel beautiful, confident, and appreciated with our Pamper Her Gift Set? 

A unique bundle consisting of a Rose Soap Bouquet, English Pear Freesia Diffuser, and Silk Eye Mask. These items have been specially paired to remind a loved one of the importance of taking care of their overall wellbeing. 

Mothers are always looking after everyone else, so they need to take some ‘me time’ to relax, unwind, and enjoy themselves. Surprise mum now with this thoughtful gift set!

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2-in-1 Heart to Heart LED

Ready to light up mum’s life with our signature 2-in-1 preserved flower dome? It has a dual function that doubles up as a mood lamp. Get the best of both worlds and bring any room to life with stylish flowers and light combined. You can also add on a free expression card and heart to heart topper. Suitable for home decoration, add a festive atmosphere to your family during a party or vacation. The warm LED lights illuminate the entire glass dome and can be used to decorate the room or create a romantic atmosphere during the day and night. 

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2-in-1 You Are My Sunshine LED

Do you want something for mum that will last a lifetime? A flower dome is an ideal present for her this Mother’s Day. All of our preserved flower domes have a very rustic and timeless appeal, making them an ideal gift. Its beauty will be preserved and admired for an extended period. The LED lights in the dome bring out the essence and characteristics of the preserved flowers, making it an ideal piece of art to show at home.

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3-in-1 Isn’t She Lovely Bluetooth Speaker

We adore gifts that may be used in multiple ways. This is a luxury preserved floral present that also functions as a Bluetooth speaker, a relaxing night lamp, and a decorative item! Turn it up for some upbeat music during the day, or turn it down for some relaxing music at night.

Soft but striking, this 3-in-1 Isn’t she Lovely Bluetooth Speaker features mostly pastel-coloured flowers.  Enclosed in a dome, this flower dome may not be the biggest, but it has everything you’d want – lights to showcase the flowers’ beauty in the dark and a Bluetooth speaker for mum to play her favourite music with!

Our Bluetooth speaker has a: 

  • Seamless Connection to Any Device
  • High-Quality Audio
  • 8 Hours Battery life, Quick Charging
  • LED feature for Cosy Ambience
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Exclusive Mother’s Day Flower Dome Duo Set (Ideal for Couple Purchase)

Impress and leave a lasting impression on both mums with our exclusive Mother’s Day Flower Dome Duo Set. This stunning and thoughtful present, personalised with a treasured photo of your loved one, will leave both mums speechless! Our Premium Duo Set delivers a one-of-a-kind bundle with twice the memories! Let this gift do most of the talking, as she will always be reminded of your love whenever she looks at it. 

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Why Buy Your Mother’s Day Flowers From BloomBack?

BloomBack is one of Singapore’s most renowned florists. For every occasion,  we make personalised and handcrafted bouquets. We can assist you in choosing the ideal bouquet to best express your emotions this season. We take pride in providing you with a carefully picked selection of one-of-a-kind presents made from the highest quality, long-lasting preserved flowers. Our floral arrangements, when combined with our individualised services, will undoubtedly touch the hearts of your loved ones. Browse our Mother’s Day collection and take advantage of our flower delivery service, which is available all around Singapore.