During times of crisis, simple words of love and encouragement can go a long way. Our gifts are usually accompanied by such greeting messages that instantly make us smile. It shows the incredible love and support that people are showing each other even during the circuit breaker period where we are confined to our homes. 

We have been sharing some of these heartwarming greeting messages on our Instagram stories which you may have seen. We do, of course, remove the names to protect the privacy of the senders and recipients. Most greeting messages are very thoughtful and sweet that are sure to brighten the recipient’s day. 

Here are some handpicked best greeting messages we have come across in recent times that you can use as an inspiration when sending out gifts to your loved ones.


Birthday Messages


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  1. “Happy birthday to you love! It’s a difficult and depressing time for us both and other Aries babies. Sending you this beautiful charm to remind you how amazing a person you are. A great friend to me, a dutiful wife and mother to our children. Enjoy your day!”
  2. “Happy birthday! Google says pink roses represent appreciation and gratitude. Thank you for always being the sister I never had and guiding me through life. On this special day of yours, I wish you a good year despite the current adversities and eternal youth and elegance!”
  3. “To our dearest leader, happy birthday! Bosses are supposed to be strict and dominating. How did you turn out to be so kind and selfless? Not many have the privilege of working under someone who is as caring and understanding as you.We are blessed.”
  4. “My dearest, it can be challenging to stay indoors and stay safe during this unprecedented time. But if we have eternal hope in our hearts that bloom constantly like these preserved flowers, then bright blue skies are sure on the horizon. Happy birthday!”
  5. “Happy birthday! You are the most precious to me and no words can describe how blessed I am to have met you and be by your side. Thank you for always being my pillar of strength and motivation! May all your wishes come true. Looking forward to our future together!”
  6. “Happy birthday! I hope you like this gift. Regular flowers don’t last as long and instead, this will be a great table decor to perk you up as we transition to the WFH situation. Hope things get better soon and we’ll be able to have your birthday dinner as a fam!”


Mother’s Day Wishes


Love Blossoms Lifestyle Gs

Gift Sets

  1. “Happy mother’s day in advance, mummy! Thank you for being the best mother and grandmother anyone could ask for. May these flowers brighten your days as we look forward to a proper celebration at the end of the circuit breaker!”
  2. “Happy mother’s day, mommy! Since I am unable to meet you during this circuit breaker, I hope these surprise flowers will light up a small part of your home and heart. Like these flowers, my love for you is everlasting!”
  3. “Happy mother’s day to one of the strongest women we know! Thank you for your guidance all these years and for bringing out the best in us. We will forever be grateful. Let’s cheer each other up during this difficult period, stay safe and have a celebration once the pandemic is over.”
  4. “Happy mother’s day, mama! You are really the most wonderful person in my life. Forget about the past, you can’t change it. Forget about the future, you can’t predict it. Just focus on the present, be happy and cheerful. That’s the mama I always want to see. Hope you like the little surprise!”
  5. “My dear superwoman, it has never been an easy journey for you till now. My love for you is still blooming and you are as beautiful as ever to me. I will never give up on you and we will fight this battle together. We can do it and have many many happy years ahead. Happy 1st mother’s day!”
  6. “A mother is the embodiment of strength, inspiration, love, grace and laughter. To me, you are all of the above and more. As we wait in great anticipation, hope the earthy tones of these flowers bring you peace and calmness to appreciate the wonders of life. Happy Mother’s Day!”


Congratulations Messages


  1. “Congratulations on your last day of school. You have finally done it! I couldn’t have been prouder of you. You’ll be on your way up and you’ll see great sights, joining all the highflyers who soar to great heights. Dream without fear and love without limits!”
  2. “Congratulations on being accepted to the course of your choice! Never doubt yourself because you are capable of amazing things and will get through it one step at a time. Let the passion, goals and hard work continue and let it help you to achieve something remarkable.”
  3. “Congratulations on your promotion! Sorry that we can’t celebrate this great news together but hope this gift brings a smile to your face. May this be the start to the best years of your life and that you always find joy in everything you do!”


Farewell messages


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  1. “Here’s your belated farewell gift as promised! The sweet memories of working with such a wonderful co-worker will be hard to forget. Thank you for always having my back. Wishing you great success wherever you go! Keep in touch and best wishes!”
  2. “It’s time to say goodbye to you. But with the farewell, you are going to experience new adventures in life. As you embark on a new journey, here’s wishing you many moments of happiness, success and achievements. May you live your dream every moment!”
  3. “To my favourite work bestie, thank you for a wonderful 8 years filled with laughter and happiness. I wish to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart for always being a pillar of support, for listening to me rant and for being the best mentor. I’ll miss you so much. Wish you only the best in your future endeavours. Keep in touch!”
  4. “When one door closes, another opens and it can bring many promises along. Sure, you may be nervous about whatever is to come, but a new opportunity means a fresh start and wonderful possibilities. Wishing you the best new beginning at your next job! You will be missed!”
  5. “Sending you our love and best wishes as you start a new journey. May you be basking in God’s love and be serenaded with joyful music everyday. We were unable to say goodbye in person, but please know that you will be dearly missed. Thanks to you, we made unforgettable memories during our vacation! Big bear hug!”


Thinking of you and love messages


  1. “Surprise! A little something for the most kind-hearted, generous and loveliest person I have ever known. May this gift remind you that no matter how many curveballs life throws at you, you will always have your loved ones including me to catch you! Forever and always love you, bestie!”
  2. “To my dearest best friend, I hope this gift brings your hope, love and joy during this uncertain time. Continue bringing laughter and happiness to the people around you as always. Thank you for being you. We will get through this together!”
  3. “Surprise! It is amazing how our friendship has blossomed within a short period. Thank you for always being there for me, for being kind and giving. Always remember that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, both inside and out! May you always be healthy, happy and at peace. Love you!”
  4. “A present for my lovely better half. No reason for this gift other than to show that I love and think about you even though I can’t be with you right at this moment. Can’t wait to meet and spend time with you again!”
  5. “I’m sorry to hear that your business has come to a standstill due to the circuit breaker measures. Life is always full of ups and downs. It’s how we pick ourselves up after we fall. Don’t give up and be strong! Hope this gift reminds you that I am thinking of you and you can always rely on me for any help you need. We are in this together.” 


In an attempt to appreciate the hard work and resilience of our healthcare heroes, we started a Bloom It Forward Movement to give a total of 300 flower buckets to frontliners to spread love and plant smiles. We were delighted to see many coming on board and contributing to this initiative. We have reached the 200 mark as of today! Along with the contribution, we encouraged everyone to leave a thank you note to accompany the flowers. Here are some of the messages that touched our hearts.


Thank you messages for frontline workers


Carnation Bucket


  1. “Taking care of patients during times of crisis is no easy task. Thank you for working tirelessly on the frontline. You are our true heroes!”
  2. “Thank you for putting others before yourself. Your beauty far exceeds that of this flower. Keep doing what you do best!”
  3. “Thank you for taking huge risks to contribute to the community. It’s a long path ahead but please hang in there. Our hearts are with you and hope this flower bucket can bring a smile to your face.”
  4. “Hang in there warriors and heroes! Tough times don’t last, tough people do. Salute to all of you!”
  5. “Keep up the great work and patience in handling this tough situation. It is amazing how you are so put together and doing your best under immense pressure.”
  6. “Thank you for all the effort and time you are putting in to keep Singapore healthy and safe. We are very grateful!”
  7. “It takes a great deal of strength and courage to do what you are doing. Please do take care of yourself while caring for your patients. You will get your well deserved break very soon.”
  8. “We hope this small gift brings a smile to your face as you get through another tough day. Words can’t express how much we appreciate you.”

These tear-jerking greeting messages prove that our gifts resonate with people of all ages and suit any occasion. There is no way the circuit breaker can break the bond between loved ones. 

BloomBack is happy to be in a place where we are able to get the messages of love across though gifting. Head on to our website, pick a thoughtful gift and pen your own messages to spread love and hope to a dear one today!

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