BloomBack has turned 3!

“It’s so amazing when you think about it!” Hazel, our founder, started excitedly as she reminisced about the rocky road, yet a beautiful journey to where we are today, with Silvia, the Head of Operations and Marketing (and the first hire of BloomBack). 

BloomBack started in June 2017 with the two ladies working together in a co-working space. 3 years on, we have our own office, a retail outlet and a full team of 10 including artisans and beneficiaries who work together as a family to plant smiles.

“As much as it was challenging, having to learn from the mistakes we made and many first experiences, it’s even more rewarding knowing the impact we had created through the efforts”, Silvia added. Watch part 1 of the video where they share about the like-minded community we have built, the tremendous support we received and some heartwarming stories.

Watch the first part of the video here!

Bday Part 1

Ever wondered how ‘BloomBack’ came about? Find out from Hazel as she walks us through the background and idea behind naming our brand. “We’re using flowers as a vehicle to reach out to disadvantaged communities to help them rediscover themselves and bloom one step at a time”, she says.

“They already have wings; BloomBack is teaching them how to fly.”

“One of our customers whom I helped in the past texted and shared with me that BloomBack was the first brand she thought of when she wanted a gift to cheer up her terminally ill friend”, says Silvia as she recalls one of her most memorable and touching experiences. 

Amidst these wonderful memories, there were painful ones too where BloomBack almost hit rock bottom and was on the verge of shutting its doors forever. Watch part 2 of the video to find how we managed to see the light and rise above all our adversities.

Watch the second part of the video here!

Bday Part 2

Love your shopping experience at BloomBack? From extensive product development to same-day delivery, we have been pouring our heart into giving the best to our customers. “We may not have the biggest variety but we CARE the most – not only about our customers, but the environment too and hence use preserved flowers that are eco-friendly”, says Silvia.

“Majority of the working adults who are pressed for time often drop the idea of meaningful gifting. Little do they know that there are simpler ways that they can give back to the community”

Hazel shares a whole new perspective on conscious gifting on a fun and meaningful platform. Watch the last part of the video to find out the exciting offerings we have in store for you! 

Watch the third part of the video here!

Bday Part 3

A big THANK YOU once again to everyone who believed in and supported us in this 3-year journey of sharing love and hope – our mentors, beneficiaries, customers, partners and even strangers. We are here because of your immense support. Do keep your kind words and feedback coming in – to lift the spirits of our team and beneficiaries as well as to form a bigger presence to help more marginalised individuals and create a conscious gifting experience for all!