Want to win a woman’s heart? Forget fresh flowers and instead, get preserved flowers that are gaining popularity!

5 Reasons Why Fresh Flowers Are No Longer In Trend

1. Lifespan
Withers after about 1 week and eventually die off

2. More expensive in the long run
An average spending cost on fresh flower bouquet starts from $300. However, they can only last you up to a week. That would mean that a fresh flower bouquet costs on average, $43 a day!

3. High maintenance
Require watering daily and has to be exposed to the right amount of sunlight, not too much and not too little. In addition, they have to be trimmed and cared for.

4. Not environment-friendly
Lots of water and energy goes into growing flowers. They also require refrigerated containers when flown in fuel-guzzling planes, only to be stored in a refrigerated warehouse. The carbon footprint left in their wake is enormous, and furthermore, the pesticides used brings about more harm than good to the air around us.

Yet, cut flowers only last a few days before they are thrown out, never to be seen again.

5. Limited gifting options
As the lifespan of these flowers are very short, it can’t be gifted for long-term use.

Thanks to a special state-of-the-art preservation process, real flowers can stay in bloom for years, maintenance-free!

5 Reasons Why Preserved Flowers Make The Perfect Gift

1. Lifespan
Able to last between 1 to 3 years, with the best viewing period be between 6-12 months, as long as it is kept away from direct sunlight and water.

2. Cost-savings
An average price of a preserved flower arrangement starts from $150 but it can last you an entire year or even longer. That boils down to just a few cents a day!

3. Maintenance-free
Preserved flowers do not require any form of watering, sunlight or maintenance, making it the perfect gift even for a busy working woman.

4. Environment-friendly
Floral wastage is reduced largely when you use preserved flowers. Cut flowers will wither but with preserved flowers, your flowers will never wither and will always look like fresh flowers, with its colour slowly fading over time.

Whether you require flowers for your banquets, corporate event, or just as gifts to others or yourself, preserved flowers make the perfect substitute for cut flowers. Play a part in reducing carbon emissions, water wastage, flower wastage as well as air pollution!

5. Ideal for gifting for any occasion from anniversary to birthday

Preserved flowers can be made not only into classic bouquets, but they can also be crafted beautifully in vases, terrariums, glass domes and bag charms!

Furthermore, Bluetooth speaker preserved flower class domes are able to sing one’s favourite tunes all day long!

Catch our Bluetooth speaker in action here.

They can be used for both home and office decor, to brighten up the space.

And bag charms can be paired seamlessly with any bag, making them look beautiful.

For those who do not gift flowers as “the flowers will die”, our range of preserved flowers that are able to last years will definitely keep memories of your special occasion alive.

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