Christmas is almost here – the wonderful holiday loved and celebrated by people worldwide, and for all the right reasons! The very thought of Christmas trees, Santa Claus and gift exchange gets us excited!

Started thinking about the gifts that you are getting for your loved ones yet? Why not opt for something unique and meaningful this year? Start your shopping early with our curated list of gifts. Which also contributes to the community in one way or another.

Spread love, hope and joy with the following socially-conscious gifts for her (mostly) this Christmas. Best part of it? They are all under $60!

1) Premium Christmas Drip Gift Set, Bettr Coffee Co.

Bettr CoffeePremium Christmas Drip Gift Set. $38.80
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Bettr Coffee Co

Signature Blend Single Drip Sachets, coupled with rCUP, the world’s first coffee cup made from recycled paper cups all wrapped up in an eco-friendly drawstring pouch, makes the perfect gift for a coffee-lover. Add a personalised touch with a complimentary gift card.

The Bettr Group’s social initiatives include running vocational programmes and micro-enterprise opportunities for marginalised women and youth-at-risk, reducing carbon footprint by repurposing materials and more! 

Check out their full range of coffee products and merchandise here!

2) Classic Birthstone Bag Charms, BloomBack

Caramel Charm (white Tassel)Classic Birthstone Leather Bag Charm (Caramel), $65

The Classic Birthstone Leather Bag Charms are part of BloomBack’s Christmas Collection, available in Caramel and Smokey Blue (and other colours). All the charms are made with real flowers that are preserved to maintain their freshness for up to 3 years without any maintenance. Soak in the festive mood this Christmas by presenting to your loved one their everlasting bag charms! Add on the recipient’s name for a personal touch.

BloomBack serves as a platform where you can conveniently purchase unique floral gifts with the best of service, while doing good for the community. Additionally, as a social enterprise which believes in second chances, BloomBack trains and employs individuals from marginalised communities, facing challenges such as visual and hearing impairment, and single mothers, to help restore their confidence and dignity in the society. With their newly equipped skills, they complete the process of planning, designing and assembling the eco-friendly gifts made with preserved flowers in Singapore.

Discover the Christmas Collection of meaningful gifts here

3) Queenie Tee, Belly Flop

Belly FlopQueenie Tee (Wine), $28.90
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Belly Flop

The adorable t-shirt made with cotton lycra, features a dog head embroidery with a pocket. It is available in wine, green and black. 

Belly Flop is a project started out by Dayre personality Esther. It aims to spread the message that every dog is capable of being a loving pet regardless of the breed. They emphasise that having a dog is a lifetime commitment and that we should strive to be that wonderful human our dogs think we are. You can buy their embroidered t-shirts and the profits will be donated to dog shelters to help rescue animals in Singapore. 

Show some love to them and the beloved pets by purchasing their apparel here!

4) Judy Clutch Bag, Purnama

Purnama BagJudy Clutch Bag, $44.80
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A sustainable and ethical bag that brings a lot of attention and charm. This product by Purnama is hand-made with recovered and repurposed single-use plastic and beautifully hand-woven with organic cotton thread in earthy brown and black.

Purnama’s Java Collection is a special project where women in the village of Central Java transformed raw materials from tyre inner tubes and single-use plastic into artistic fashionable products. 10% of the sales proceeds goes towards protecting the environment for future generations and children’s education in the crafters’ village.

Shop the eco-friendly products to support their noble cause here!

5) Resin Earrings, Boheme Style Nomads

Resin EarringResin Earrings, $45
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Boheme Style Nomads

These light on your lobes, 24K gold plated earrings are part of Boheme Style Nomad’s women artist range. These earrings are made of a unique mix of materials, which last longer than alloy metals, sourced by artisans in Turkey. Then, a group of single mums lovingly handcraft the statement jewellery in Singapore using gold plated brass and semi-precious stones like fresh water pearls, turquoise and coral.

As a social enterprise, Boheme Style Nomads supports single mums, the sole breadwinners of their families, who need the income to look after their kids and build better lives. You get great products, you look good and you feel good knowing you’ve helped the less fortunate women.

Explore their range of products and do good for the disadvantaged families here!

Spend this Christmas surrounded by the love and warmth of your loved ones. Experience the joy of gift giving in the most meaningful way. Keep in mind that every gift tells a story and every purchase makes a difference!