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Bluetooth Speakers

Connect with your loved ones, brighten their day with comforting blooms and inspiring tunes. Let this Bluetooth speaker echo your emotions and amplify your love. Experience the combined magic of sound, light and display to create the perfect ambience. Whether it’s for an elegant dinner party, a romantic picnic, or a time for you to unwind and relax, our Bluetooth Speakers are the ultimate choice for creating a sensational experience anywhere, any time.

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Real Reviews by Happy Customers

This was my first time ordering a birthday gift for my wife. The ordering interface was very easy and simple to use for my inputs. The gift was delivered as mentioned in the Bloomback website “Same Day Delivery”. My was was very surprised and impressed with the gift and the way it was all done up. I would say the overall service from Bloomback was very professional. Last but not least, I would like to thank Hazel for patiently answering my queries over the phone.
Kenneth Ong
Kenneth Ong
friendly, efficient and patient customer service! will definitely engage them again!
Mandy Chan
Mandy Chan
Fantastic service and prompt delivery. Definitely be one of my to go to for any gift delivery. Thanks Bloombackm keep that standard up!
Muddy rhu
Muddy rhu
Worth the last minute purchase! Really thank u and your team!
Andy LEE
Andy LEE
Beautiful gift for someone. Boxing made it even more premium looming. Ordered night before + they could confirm delivery by noon next day. Superb service.
Joseph Lim
Joseph Lim
Very nicely packed and very beautiful flowers
Kenneth Wong
Kenneth Wong
Why gift a bouquet that lasts (at most) 2 weeks, when she can carry it with her for years? Thank you for putting a smile on my wife's face again!


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Learn more about BloomBack’s Bluetooth Speakers

Music has never felt so different with our unique Preserved Flower Bluetooth Speakers. Enhance the way you listen through the combined magic of sound, light, and display, and treat yourself to an experience that goes beyond the senses. Let music flow into your living space and accompany you throughout every moment of your day. BloomBack’s premium 3-in-1 Bluetooth Speakers are filled with lavish preserved flowers and LED lights to provide a sensational experience that no other music device can recreate. Beautifully hand crafted preserved floral designs by artisans accompanied with music to engulf you in your favorite songs. Echo the music of your heart and set up the perfect atmosphere to connect with your loved ones, complete with these luxury visuals. Imagine playing your favourite songs on a sound system that consumes your entire room. With battery life that lasts over 8 hours, elegant designs, and beautiful preserved flowers, our Bluetooth speaker range is the ideal choice for you. Calm your soul with an additional boost of rejuvenation with both everlasting blooms and inspiring tunes, a combination proven to alleviate stress. Let soothing music play in the background as you unwind during your workout, yoga or self-care routine and feel the weight lift from your shoulders. With its comforting LED mood lights, place it on your bedside table and watch its twinkling glow while retiring for the night to treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation.

Diverse selection of Bluetooth Speakers

People are like flowers. Just as there are a myriad of flowers, people have many diverse personalities, and Bloomback provides gifts which suits all. Be spoilt for choice with the vast array of preserved flowers available to cater for your every need. No matter which occasion, our locally handcrafted preserved flower Bluetooth Speakers are designed to create the perfect ambience, make a lasting impression, and get your loved one beaming with delight. Perfect for any occasion Ideal for parties, celebrations or simply a relaxing me-time when your phone’s speakers just won’t make the cut. Whether it’s for an elegant dinner party, connecting to a special someone at a romantic picnic, or a time for you to unwind and relax, our Bluetooth Speakers are the ultimate choice for creating an extra special ambience anywhere, any time.

Same day delivery

Whether you’re a last minute or overthinking gifter torn between choices for an important occasion, we have all your considerations at heart. With guaranteed same day delivery, Bloomback is your reliable and trusted online florist that is sure to reach your recipient on their special day.

Immortalising memories with preserved flowers

There is no better way to eternalise your precious memories with long lasting and environmentally friendly preserved flowers from Bloomback. Compared to fresh or dried flowers, preserved flowers last for years while being kept at a low maintenance, still appearing just as vibrant as the day it was crafted. Preserved flowers are real flowers that undergo a high-tech process to transform them into beautiful display pieces that require little to no maintenance. The technology is 100% eco-certified, meeting stringent international environmental standards. Despite looking just like fresh flowers, preserved flowers’ lifespan is up to 3 years and are suitable for everyone, since they are free of alcohol and allergen.

Empowering disadvantaged communities

With your support, we empower individuals from marginalised communities, including the training of our beneficiaries. Our experienced floral artisan, Aunty Alice was once a hawker who struggled to make ends meet while single-handedly raising 3 children. After joining BloomBack, she discovered her hidden passion for floral arrangement. Today, she handcrafts all our floral gifts with love and precision. Faith, another floral artisan at BloomBack is visually impaired and hard of hearing. Suffering from depression years ago, she has since regained a sense of dignity through her craft as an artisan, and was able to find a renewed sense of purpose and acceptance of herself. While it is a small effort, you can contribute to making waves of impact by purchasing gifts in our collection. Together, we can provide a safe refuge and heal marginalised communities in our society.