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Everbloom Charms

Make your ordinary bag look outstanding with our Everbloom bag charms, available in a range of colours. Add on the recipient’s name for a personal touch!


BloomBack’s Preserved Flower Bag Charms

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The perfect fashion accessory for your bag. Bring a dose of happiness wherever you go.

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Be spoilt for choice with the wide variety of colours and designs!

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Bid goodbye to fresh blooms and welcome preserved flowers

WHAT are they? 

100 percent eco-certified high-tech process that transforms real flowers into beautiful display pieces that require almost no maintenance.

HOW are they preserved? 

To preserve a real rose, special non-toxic and non-corrosive chemicals are used to draw out the water content along with proteins, sugar and pigments.

The flower is then “fed” with another eco-certified chemical solution that gives it its shape. They can play around with smell and colour too, by introducing different pigments and essential oils. The whole process takes one to two weeks.

Not all flowers can withstand this treatment, so only the strongest species of roses are used. And each flower is carefully selected and cut only at the peak of their bloom.

WHY are they better than fresh flowers? 

  • They look fresh and vibrant for a long time
  • You don’t have to replace them, hence money can be saved
  • Last for years without any maintenance
  • Pollen free and do not cause allergies

Save the environment with preserved flowers

✔️ Lower your carbon footprint: Preserved flowers reduce the need for replacement, thus cutting down on production and transportation of flowers, and resulting in lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

✔️ Reduce waste: Unlike fresh flowers, preserved flowers do not need to be thrown away on a weekly basis.

✔️ Save water: Since watering is not required to maintain the freshness of preserved flowers, you can save water over the years.

✔️ Reduce energy consumption: Preserved flowers use less energy than fresh flowers in transportation storage as they need less space and no refrigeration.

Why are flowers important for our mental health?

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Did you know that flowers have been proven to reduce the chances of depression and significantly reduce recovery time? According to Harvard Medical School, flowers help to accelerate healing, reduce stress, feed compassion and improve energy.

Designed and handcrafted in Singapore

As a social enterprise which believes in second chances, we train and employ individuals from marginalised communities to help restore their confidence and dignity in the society. With their newly equipped skills, our team members complete the process of planning, designing and assembling the glass domes in Singapore. 

Our experienced floral artisan, Aunty Alice was once a hawker who raised her 3 children single-handedly. Later in life, she discovered her hidden passion for floral arrangement and picked up the skill quickly. Today, she handcrafts all our floral gifts with love and precision.

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Personalise your bag charms

Want to make the charm extra special? Add on the recipient’s name or a birthstone for a sentimental touch and make the gift exclusively theirs.

Check out our range of personalisation options for corporate and personal events here!

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Protective packaging to safeguard your charms

All our bag charms come in a drawstring dust bag to protect them from colour transfer, sun exposure, excess moisture, and dust. Your thoughtful gift will reach the recipient in a pristine condition.

  New Charm Packaging

Which occasions to buy bag charms for?

  • Birthday gift for your best friend
  • Thank you gift for your boss
  • Christmas gift for girlfriend