As our mission implies, BloomBack aims to spread love and hope to marginalised individuals. Here is the story of our beneficiaries who have defied all odds and shine as resilient and skilled individuals today, making them a role model to those around them. 



Alan Operations Asst


Alan is the Operations Assistant at BloomBack.

Alan and his 2 sisters were raised by their single mum with limited support from their extended family and friends. The broken family environment took a toll on Alan’s emotional state. To make himself feel better, he made friends who gladly welcomed him into their circle where he felt a sense of security. However, he did not know what he was getting into and began to be influenced by his peers to get involved in fights and abuse drugs as a means of escaping reality. 

Unfortunately, Alan was arrested for the crimes he and his friends had committed. He spent a painful time in prison where he had the chance to reflect on his life. He came out more determined than ever to turn his life around. To get back on his feet, he started looking for jobs. However, the label as an ex-offender did not do any good. He was rejected multiple times that eventually, he gave up hope. He was almost certain that he would never step into the workforce. These negative thoughts engulfed him and before he knew it, Alan was diagnosed with depression. 

It was during this time where he was given the golden opportunity to work at BloomBack, a very young social enterprise then. He never hesitated to join the team and it was indeed a life-changing opportunity for him.

“Initially I wasn’t motivated to work and the depressive episodes resurfaced at times. But my team at BloomBack has been very understanding and supportive, and helped me see myself in a positive light, which I’m thankful for! I have changed for the better and will never let myself be associated with negative influence again.”

Today, Alan plays a key role in BloomBack and has begun to financially support himself. From carrying out quality control checks to completing the orders, his contribution and attitude towards his work is commendable. Moreover, his ever smiley face and friendly disposition brightens up the mood in the office everyday.




Vaishnave is the Marketing and Customer Experience Executive at BloomBack..

She was diagnosed with epilepsy, a neurological illness, at the age of 12. She is prone to seizures due to certain triggers such as fatigue and stress. Since 2018, she has also been facing other health issues such as chronic migraines and insomnia as side effects of her medication. 

After completing her tertiary education, Vaishnave stepped into the workforce when reality struck. There was discrimination at every corner and many organisations were not willing to take her in as they feared that her medical condition will be a barrier to their success. Although it was heartbreaking to attend and fail multiple interviews, Vaishnave did not give up. She took up temporary jobs while looking for a full-time position to financially support herself. She was finally accepted into a non-profit organisation as a youth programme executive.

However, due to the heavy workload and stress, she often fell ill and could not carry on with the role she loved after 2 years. She joined a similar role in another organisation thereafter, but history repeated and she could not progress there either. These experiences made her break down in tears often and she found herself questioning ‘why me?’, which led to frustration and self doubt. After much reflection, she eventually realised that life had to go on and that she is definitely capable of achieving great things.

Since physically taxing roles were not working out for her, she decided to make a career switch to digital marketing. She took a 3-month break to upgrade her skills by taking up a certification in Digital Marketing to increase her chances of landing in a job. Upon completion, she came across BloomBack and applied for a content marketing intern role. As a passionate community service member for the past 10 years, the story behind the social enterprise struck a chord with her.

To her delight, the team welcomed her with open arms and accepted her for who she is. Even though she was new to the field, the team was willing to give her a chance to prove her skills and gain valuable knowledge along the way. At present, Vaishnave holds a full-time role at BloomBack in not only digital marketing but other areas such as customer service and business development as well.

“I was at one of the lowest points in my life when BloomBack gave me an opportunity to see the potential in myself. I am grateful for my experiences and teammates here who support me like a family. My heart is now full of hope and I’m taking one step at a time in discovering my self-worth. What didn’t kill me indeed made me stronger.”

Do continue to support our beneficiaries like Alan and Vaishnave by shopping with us and sharing your positive feedback, which will further encourage them and help boost their mental health and confidence. Read about our other beneficiaries and floral artisans, Aunty Alice and Faith here.

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