Here at BloomBack we believe that #FlowerMatters.

We use flowers to spread Happiness, encourage Empathy, promote Acceptance and nurture Love.

We believe flowers are capable of HEALing and we want BloomBack to become a Vehicle of Empowerment.

In order to sustain this beautiful movement, we have develop a unique business model

where like minded people can contribute to our social cause effortlessly just by gifting.

What We Do

Lifestyle & Gift Concept Shop

We are about Everything-Floral.
From fresh and preserved flowers to lifestyle accessories, we are bringing you a curated list of
unique and quality floral gifts and services.

Training & Hiring of Marginalised Women

Each purchase at Bloomback contributes to nurturing individuals in the marginalised community, providing them employment and holistic training in skills related to floristry, sales, marketing and technology.

Repurposing Floral Movement

We champion a repurposing flower movement where we take in flowers donated from weddings and events, repackage them into little bouquets to bless cancer patients and lonely old folks .



To cheer up her sister who was battling with depression, Hazel decided to bring home flowers from her friend’s wedding. Together they repackaged the flowers into little bouquets and gave them away to elderly on the streets. This initiative made them realised, how much joy they could bring to other people just by a simple act of giving. It also inspired Hazel to start Bloomback, a vessel to continue spreading happiness to others.


All of us have received empathy and compassion one way or another in our lives. Here at Bloomback, we believe in giving back. We want to give our best so that we can help our beneficiaries, they are the reason why we work hard everyday.


Bloomback seeks to empower women, help them regain lost confidence and  integrate them back into society. By training and hiring marginalized ladies, we want to provide them a skill set that can help them achieve financial independence and dignity.


Why do we buy gifts ? To show love and affection for someone special ! When you gift with Bloomback, you are not  only showing love to one person but also to a marginalized individual in our community. An act of love coming in full circle.