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BloomBack is a social enterprise that was founded with the mission of bringing together women from all walks of life onto a single platform through a common interest for flowers.

We advocate a floral movement that benefits underprivileged communities, with a special focus on marginalised women, by helping them achieve financial independence and dignity.

Repurposed $40,000 worth of flowers

Planted 270 smiles

Conducted 150 hours of training


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BloomBack Platform

One-stop ecommerce platform that brings together a curated list of florists and consumers in search for unique, quality floral products and services

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BloomBack Connect

Connect artisans, entrepreneurs and mentors to marginalised women to train them in creative literacy skills such as floral arrangement and entrepreneurship.

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BloomBack Academy

Nurture individuals in the marginalised community, with a focus on underprivileged women, by providing scholarships for creative workshops that allows them to showcase their creations and find employment.

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A study conducted at Harvard University has confirmed that flowers strengthens feelings of compassion, and reduces anxiety and depression.