Delivery of flowers to BloomBack’s designated location and a nominal handling fee* to be borne by donor.

We welcome any other resources so as to keep this movement running!
(Resources can be in form of cash donations too)

1) In order to sustain the movement, the nominal fee is used to cover areas such as coordination between donors, volunteers and beneficiaries, materials, utilities, storage area, disposal fee etc. The fee starts from $100 and is dependent on the complexity and scale of the flowers involved.

2) Donor must agree and sign the service agreement form to ensure smooth operation for the re-purpose activity.

3) Uses of flowers
Includes but not limited to
- sending flowers to beneficiaries;
- sale of repurposed products and services to raise fund for supporting our beneficiaries employment

4) Due to limited resources, we may not be able to accept all donations. We seek your understanding that only selected donations will be notified.

By submitting this form, you agree that BloomBack may collect, use and disclose your personal data, as provided in this application form for the following purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act:

a) Using personal data for convenience in communication
b) Administration purposes