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Looking for a hassle free gifting solution to impress your clients/employees? As a trusted one stop gifting provider, BloomBack offers a one stop gifting solution to elevate your brand and strengthen your relationships. We guarantee to help streamline your gifting needs, and make gifting easy for you.

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Tailor-made solution

Why choose between quality and price when you can have them both! Make an impression with BloomBack’s tailor made gifts that showcase your thoughts and care for your valued recipients. Bring gift-giving to a whole new level with an impressive gift that is perfect for every occasion. Let BloomBack be your one stop shop for your gifting needs.

Luxe Festive Gift Box - Joyous Light
Otr Premium Gift Set
Luxe Birthday Gift Set - Isn't She Wonderful (LED)
Essential Oil Gift Set (Set of 4)
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A beautiful and meaningful story behind every charm. Each brings a beautiful smile on my recipient’s face. One of the recipients wrote to me – ‘Such a lovely charm, Thank You!’ You have been so understanding, flexible and quick to response even during this tough time, On behalf of all my recipients, a huge thank you – BloomBack!

Valerie Leng / Executive Assistant | Global Agency & GMS Partnership | Facebook

We were able to use flowers as a bridge to lighten the topic of breast cancer. I am truly gratified by the smiles it brought to our patients. We’re truly thankful to the efficiency of Hazel and her team to ensure the smooth execution of my campaign

Angeline / Assistant Marketing Manager | Parkway Cancer Centre

The team at BloomBack was amazingly easy to work with. Hazel was incredibly sweet and helpful to answer my needs. As you can imagine with corporate orders, I came with a long list of requirements with a tight timeline, but Hazel answered them patiently and she managed to meet those requests without much ado. The final products and packaging exceeded my expectations and I could completely trust the team at BloomBack! Thank you!

Sheue / IWC | CRM South East Asia

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Learn more about BloomBack’s Corporate Gifts

It’s no surprise that finding a quality corporate gift is difficult.

One of the biggest challenges of corporate gifting is finding the perfect gift that fits the needs of every employee and client,  while ensuring the chosen gift is of top quality. You want a memorable gift that impresses everyone; one that is affordable. There’s also always the need to stay on-brand with your organisation’s image while providing a personal touch. Could it be any more difficult?

Your search ends now.

To select a quality present for your organisation, BloomBack has a hassle free solution for you. Lift the weight off your shoulders by amazing your colleagues or clients with a token of appreciation from our specially curated corporate gift sets. As a trusted online florist and gifts shop, we understand the complexity of choosing the right fit for all your esteemed recipients. With our experienced artisans, you can be sure that your gift is in safe hands. At BloomBack, we take all your considerations at heart.

Diverse variety of gifts for everyone

People are like flowers. Just as there are a myriad of flowers, people have many diverse personalities, and Bloomback provides gifts which suits all. Be spoilt for choice with the vast array of corporate gifts and preserved flowers available to cater for your every need. While purchasing corporate orders for so many people may seem daunting, we guarantee to streamline your gifting needs, bringing high standards to your corporate and elevating your brand through quality and thoughtful gifts.

No matter client or staff appreciation, our all in one artisanal gift sets are designed to make a lasting impression and make all your occasions even more memorable.

Stray away from the mainstream corporate gifts and choose the meaningful and innovative gifts that will create a lasting impact in your colleagues’ or clients’ hearts. At BloomBack, we make corporate gifts unique and stand out, elevating your brand and strengthening your relationships.

Tailor-made solution 

Make an impression with BloomBack’s tailor made gifts that showcase your thoughts and care for your valued recipients. Let us be your one stop shop for your gifting needs by bringing gift-giving to a whole new level with an impressive range of flower domes, charms, and products that are perfect for every occasion.

From preserved Flower Domes, Bluetooth Speakers, and to Charm accessories, add a personal flair to your gift through customisation of your recipient’s name or your company’s logo. Show your cherished recipients how much you treasure them through personalising gifts with their names to make an everlasting impact. With BloomBack, we make your gifts stand out.

Immortalising memories with preserved flowers

There is no better way to eternalise your precious memories with long lasting and environmentally friendly preserved flowers from Bloomback. Compared to fresh or dried flowers, preserved flowers last for years while being kept at zero maintenance, still appearing just as vibrant as the day it was crafted.

Preserved flowers are real flowers that undergo a high-tech process to transform them into beautiful display pieces that require little to no maintenance. The technology is 100% eco-certified, meeting stringent international environmental standards. Despite looking just like fresh flowers, preserved flowers’ lifespan is up to 3 years and are suitable for everyone, since they are free of alcohol and allergen. 

Empowering disadvantaged communities

With your support, we empower individuals from marginalised communities, including the training of our beneficiaries.

Our experienced floral artisan, Aunty Alice was once a hawker who struggled to make ends meet while single-handedly raising 3 children. After joining BloomBack, she discovered her hidden passion for floral arrangement. Today, she handcrafts all our floral gifts with love and precision. Faith, another floral artisan at BloomBack is visually and hearing impaired. Suffering from depression years ago, she has since regained a sense of dignity through her craft as an artisan, and was able to find a renewed sense of purpose and acceptance of herself.

While it is a small effort, you can contribute to making waves of impact by purchasing gifts in our collection. Together, we can provide a safe refuge and heal marginalised communities in our society.