This is a donation link for Re-purpose Flowers Event Contribution.

We thank you for your donation of flowers. In order to carry out this movement, we appreciate any additional contributions to help cover the costs incurred.

Contribute an amount of your choice! It’s unusual, but our mission is to build a loving community through flower therapy to improve the emotional health and well-being of individuals who struggle in life and feel depressed. Be a part of a great cause with BloomBack!

We usually require an average of $300 to carry out each movement.


  • 4 way logistics (to/fro event venue, to/fro beneficiaries organisations)
  • Materials and tools for the making of donated bouquets
  • Utilities and storage space of flowers
  • Venue space for flower jamming
  • Excess amounts will be used for future re-purposing activities and to fund floral therapy session for people with depression