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Surprise an animal lover you know by gifting our adorable high quality plushies! The stuffed animals are soft to touch and are excellent keepsakes. Dogs, teddies and sheeps are some of the choices in the collection.

How do our communities benefit?

At BloomBack, we believe that anyone can create a social impact through a simple act of gifting. Our eco-friendly gifts made with preserved flowers, are handcrafted by artisans from the marginalised community facing challenges such as visual and hearing impairment, and single mothers. The final price that you see takes into account their training needs, cost of preserved flowers and materials required for assembly.

Every purchase you make at BloomBack creates a ripple effect in doing good for the community. With the collective effort of our team and customers like you who believe in our mantra, ‘shop and do good’, we will continue to strive towards building an inclusive community with empowered individuals through our sustainable social cause.