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Classic Birthstone Charm

Give your bags a classy outlook with our preserved flower classic bag charms. Match your desired colour of rose to a birthstone and add on name letterings for a personalised touch!

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BloomBack’s bag charms are chic accessories which go along with your favourite bags. They come in a range of colours. Here are some ways you could gift these beauties:

  • A thank-you gift for your bridesmaids
  • A matching bag charm for your mum
  • A personalised bag charm with a birthstone for your best friend

And the list goes on. There are numerous occasions you could present your loved ones with this adorable and long-lasting gift.

Steer away from the traditional fresh flowers and go for the trending preserved flower gifts instead. Despite looking just like fresh flowers, preserved flowers’ lifespan is much longer and require little to no maintenance. They are suitable for everyone, since they are free of alcohol and allergen. A wide range of coloured roses are used in the bag charms, which are available in 2 sizes, making them ideal gifts.

BloomBack is a social enterprise in Singapore, offering gifts which are handcrafted and thoughtfully designed by floral artisans. Our Bag Charms and keychains that come in an array of colours can match any bags, making them the perfect accessory. Flower Domes display a gorgeous arrangement of flowers, beautifying any place and our bluetooth speakers can play your favourite tunes all day long! Above all, BloomBack’s gifts are a click away and we offer same day gift delivery in Singapore for orders that are made by 2pm. Alternatively, you can visit our retail showroom at Ubi to have a look at our designs!

BloomBack aims to bring people closer and create a platform to allow patrons to contribute meaningfully by “Gifting Through Flowers”. A fraction of our sales goes into training and hiring of marginalised women. Purchasing these gifts for her will help to spread awareness of our cause and contribute to changing people’s lives.

Follow us on our social media channels to check out all our products and volunteer efforts. Brighten her smile with BloomBack’s gifts for her, while doing good for the community!

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Preserved Flower Bag Charms

BloomBack uses top grade roses which look fuller, more vibrant and have a thicker petal texture compared to low grade roses.

top grade rose low grade rose4.1

The perfect fashion accessory for your bag. Bring a dose of happiness wherever you go.

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Be spoilt for choice with the wide variety of colours and designs!


Personalise your Bag Charms

Add on your recipient’s name and birthstone for a sentimental touch and make the gift exclusively theirs.

Charm hand craft

Protective packaging to safeguard your Charms

All our bag charms come in a drawstring dust bag to protect them from colour transfer, sun exposure, excess moisture, and dust. Your thoughtful gift will reach the recipient in a pristine condition.

  Charm Package (optimised)

Bid goodbye to fresh blooms and welcome preserved flowers

WHAT are they? 

Preserved flowers are 100% REAL flowers that have undergone an eco-certified treatment to maintain the visual appeal of fresh flowers. They last 1-3 years and require neither sunlight nor water.

At BloomBack, we hold ourselves to high service and product standards, and place emphasis on good quality. Only A grade roses are used in our arrangements.

WHY are they better than fresh flowers? 

  • They look fresh and vibrant for years 
  • Save money on not having to replace withered flowers
  • Lasts an average of 1-3 years without the need for water and sunlight
  • Allergy friendly as they are pollen free

Why are flowers important for our
mental health?

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Did you know the following have been proven by Harvard Medical School? Flowers help to 

  • Accelerate healing
  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Feed compassion and kindness
  • Improve energy and creativity

Designed and handcrafted in Singapore

As a social enterprise that believes in second chances and equal opportunities, we offer inclusive employment and support the training of individuals in the marginalised community such as the visually impaired, and elderly. 

Learn more about our beneficiaries and the hands behind your gifts here!


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Which occasions to buy Bag Charms for?

  • Birthday gift for your best friend
  • Thank you gift for your boss
  • Christmas gift for girlfriend