“I know about dried flowers but what are preserved flowers?” is a question often asked when we mention the latter. Clearly there hasn’t been much awareness about the existence and benefits of preserved flowers. Some also think that they are pretty much the same. So here are the key differences between the two varieties in a nutshell.

Dried Flowers Preserved Flowers
Dried Flowers Carefree dome
  • Rustic look and feel
  • Low cost
  • High technology rehydration process
  • Fresh appearance and vibrant colours
  • Last up to 3 years with no maintenance
  • Suit a variety of products and designs
  • Pollen free; no allergic reactions
  • Damaged look and faded colours
  • Last few months with high maintenance
  • Brittle and fall apart very easily
  • Higher cost due to longer lifespan

Read on to learn more about the 2 types of flowers in further detail.


What are the techniques used to achieve dried flowers and preserved flowers?


Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers Steps

Preserved Flowers

Preservation is also a form of drying, but using a more sophisticated and modern method. 

Preserved flowers steps


What do the end products look like?


Dried Flowers

Once fully dried, their natural appearance is noticeably damaged and the aesthetic pleasure of the flowers will be compromised, but a colouring process can slightly enhance it. They fade quickly in sunlight or extreme heat, hence they have to be kept in cool areas away from windows. Click here to find out the best choice of flowers which tend to retain their colours better.

Preserved Flowers

The final result is radiant flowers with a completely natural appearance. With minimal care, preserved flowers last up to 3 years. The preservation technique allows flowers to maintain a beautiful appearance and feel, as if they were freshly-cut flowers.


What are they used for?


Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are usually used in certain themes of floral decoration or crafts, generally with a rustic or simple appearance. At BloomBack, we use small flowers for some of our cards and selected packaging for the rustic feel. 

Dried Flowers Message Bottle 1

Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers, on the other hand, can be placed in a vase or in a sealed enclosure. They’re perfect for interior decor, floral art, and other craft projects that incorporate flowers. We use preserved flowers in our bag charms, bluetooth speakers and glass domes in a variety of designs and colours.

Isn't She Lovely

With better understanding of the difference between dried and preserved flowers, we believe shoppers will be able to make more informed decisions. Due to the numerous pros of preserved flowers, we use them for most of our products. Check out BloomBack’s range of designs with beautiful arrangements of preserved flowers here. Same day gifts delivery available!