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Psychology research suggests that presence of flowers in the living space can have a revitalising effect on one. They increase feelings of compassion and kindness that help in relationship-building with others. According to Raanaas, Evensen, Rich, Sjostrom, and Patil, they discovered that flowers can even improve your cognitive performance if they are present in your workspace.

Exposure to flowers in any of your living space can help you to physically de-stress and ease into relaxation better. They help elevate mood, reduce anxiety and have long-term benefits to one’s mental well-being.

White Home Decor 2


White is a standard staple in design for a reason—it’s impossible to get tired of its crisp appearance and calming appeal. White flower arrangement’s main appeal lies in its purity. It is fresh, modern, and best of all, loved for the tranquility that it brings to any living space. White helps to soften and bring in the cosy factor that everyone desires.

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Pink Home Decor 2


Pink is a colour that appeases all minds- be it the old or the new growing generation. Pink is a soothing colour when it comes to home decor. It has the right amount of warmth and at the same time, good for your eyes as well. It makes the room look bright, airy and spacious.

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Red Home Decor


Red is an excellent choice for your home interior, as it helps with alertness. You can incorporate bold colors sparingly, by placing a red flower arrangement while keeping the rest of the room neutral, to make the decoration pop. Use red in your dining room and kitchen to stoke your family’s hunger and build anticipation for whatever you have cooking on the stove!

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Rainbow flower arrangements add some fun to your living area. It energises your space in an instant and most importantly, keeps you happy every time your eyes land on it. Not to mention, people are often willing to take more creative chances with colourful spaces.

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Rainbow Home Decor
Green Home Decor


Green has the ability to create healing effect for people. It is perfect for relaxing after working hard for the whole day. For people who have tendency to depression, stress and anxiety, decorating their bedroom with green plants is a good decision.

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Shades of blue and green are found to have a calming effect and are best used in the living room or bedroom. Blue instils peace, tranquillity, calmness and serenity, helping to reduce anxiety, aggression, as well as high blood pressure and heart rates.

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Blue Home Decor
Purple Home Decor


The presence of purple in the study room or workplace adds a touch of cool, calming colour that can help to take the mundane out of the picture. It shows off your artistic side, or at least your appreciation of the fanciful, the imaginative, and the spiritual in a subtle, and tasteful way. Purple keeps you dreaming of the next possibility.

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