Dating during a pandemic can feel like a losing game when you’re limited in the social activities that you can do with your significant other. But this doesn’t mean that the relationship has to be stuck in this lackluster cycle.

A Forbes survey with 500 participants shows that over half (56%) of participants agreed that receiving a meaningful and personalized gift makes them feel valued. With that said, here are 3 easy ways to keep the romance alive and make her heart flutter!

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Carrying Your Love, Wherever She Goes

When your days are spent self-isolating or staying at home, there’s not much opportunity to think about the loving presence of your partner. Imagine if your other half had a token of your enduring love wherever she went! She’d constantly be reminded of you and the closeness you share. Bloomback’s preserved rose charms are perfect tokens of love and affection. They serve as a constant reminder of how much you care, and she can carry your love with her wherever she goes. Make it all the more special by personalizing it with her birthstone and name (terms of endearment work too)! 

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Sweet Notes of Affection

However, love doesn’t survive on reminders alone. Communication and expression are foundational to a good relationship, even when you may not be meeting as often. 

Express your adoration and appreciation for her with loving words and heartfelt memories. Bloomback’s preserved flower domes are just the thing to convey such love letters. They are perfect for decorating her room, and keeping your love on her mind–whether at work or at home. 

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Romance her to the Rhythm of Love

Yet, like anything in this world, relationships need to be nurtured with quality time, and what better way to set the mood and keep those loving feelings coming than with music! 

Even if you can’t spend a romantic night out, bring date night back home and let her feel the love through a personalized list of romantic songs on one of Bloomback’s unique Bluetooth speaker domes. All she needs to do is set your lovingly curated couples playlist going on one of our speakers. After which, both of you can relax while admiring the beautiful floral decor piece surrounded by music.

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Don’t let the restrictions from the pandemic be a reason for the spark to go out in your relationship! In a world full of uncertainty and social distancing, draw closer to your significant other with these fun ideas! Send love to your significant other with our 100% Real Everlasting flowers. Furthermore, you can personalize this gift, which she can keep with her for years ahead! You choose the gift, we do the rest with FREE Same Day Delivery.