~Letting your loved ones know how you feel in a beautiful, unique and creative way~  

It’s the start of a new year, and a time to celebrate the wonderful people around us. What better way than to gift your loved ones with something that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also contains all of your best wishes and affectionate adoration?

Enter preserved flowers arrangements, a lovely and environmentally friendly way to tell someone you care about them. Flowers have been used to convey emotions for centuries, and have always been a top choice for presents due to their beauty and grace.

Let’s take a look at the meanings behind these exquisite blooms, and how they can be a thoughtful addition to brighten up a loved one’s surroundings.


Long known as the symbol of love and affection, roses need no introduction. The colour of the rose also has a specific meaning, for instance red signifies enduring passion while lilac roses represent enchantment and love at first sight. A floral arrangement made of these beauteous blooms is a perfect way to show your beloved partner how much they mean to you.


A small glass dome featuring 1 champagne preserved rose, 1 ice blue preserved carnation and preserved foliages.

These large and lush blooms are a staple of many bouquets as they represent deep love, luck and affection. A fantastic choice to show someone how much you care for and appreciate them.


This breath-taking bloom is well known for representing purity and femininity due to its white colour, slender shape and sweet fragrance. Due to its auspicious connotations, it is often used in bridal bouquets and bridal crowns.


A lushly flowering bloom, hydrangeas stand for gratitude, honesty and abundance. What better way of letting a respected mentor or friend know how much you appreciate their help so far? Hydrangeas can also invite luck and prosperity into the recipient’s life, making them a perfect present for anyone you admire and trust.

Baby’s Breath

It goes bove and beyond its most common use in bridal bouquets. Baby’s breath does not only mean everlasting love but also a new beginning. In modern times, the baby’s breath represents self-discipline and fidelity, making this a great choice of gift to show your appreciation for the hardworking, sincere friend. Plus, baby’s breath would be a particularly thoughtful present as a kick-start your loved one’s new year!

Flowers can stand for many different things, and convey a multitude of sincere emotions from the sender to the recipient. Start off the new year by telling those nearest and dearest to you just how much you care! Send them the appropriate, preserved flowers arrangements.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!

Woodland Wordsmith Tan Si Rui


Baby Breath Flower Meaning