Blue and white preserved rose encased in glass dome. In the background is brown scarf, picture frame and perfume.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, an ordinary gift can easily be overlooked or fail to make the recipients feel appreciated. As always, it’s best to leave it to the experts! At BloomBack, a social enterprise in Singapore, we are all about customised gifts and creating special memories. Anything but ordinary, we put together each gift carefully to be thoughtful and memorable keepsakes.

Customised gifts for strong business relations

dried flowers in test tubes

According to a recent study by Knack, ‘The Art of Business Gifting: 2019 Business Gift Satisfaction Survey Report’, gift giving is as important as ever. Approximately 57% of respondents said that “gifts can impact their opinion of a business partner both positively and negatively”, so it’s not just the gift that counts but it’s quality too.

Check out the instances where our customised corporate gifts impressed companies and made an everlasting impact.

‘Bloom in the Pink of Health’
The breast cancer awareness campaign was launched in 2017 by BloomBack in partnership with Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) and social media influencers. For every five purchases of the customised ‘Flower for Hope’ charm, PCC provided a free breast cancer screening for BloomBack’s beneficiaries. This campaign won “Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project” and “Best Marketing Campaign” at the Healthcare Asia Awards in 2017.

2 social media influencers holding bag charms with single pink rose

Farewell gift for Comfort Delgro
In August 2019, BloomBack customised this vibrant preserved flower arrangement as a farewell gift for a VIP for in Comfort Delgro Driving Centre. With a request to follow their logo as close as possible, we played with various colours like yellow, pink and turquoise to create this unique gift! We personalised this piece further with a vinyl printing of Comfort Delgro’s logo at the front of the accessory drawer. An everlasting gift that not only looks stunning, but practical too!

4 pink preserved roses, 1 blue preserved rose, 1 preserved light yellow rose, and 1 yellow preserved rose in glass box

Corporate cards for Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide
Customised corporate gifts have a way of signalling your appreciation and affirming your relationship with your employees. As such, we designed these customised corporate cards for Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide’s corporate event in September 2019. These cards contain a motivational quote each with preserved flowers in a variety of colours. A couple of volunteers from KPMG who were with us for a week joined us in assembling these cards too!

Dried flowers of different colours affixed to cards

Bloomback has taken floral creations to a new level, combining customisable options with the timeless symbolism of stunning preserved flowers. From brand colours to logos, we creatively incorporate our company’s identity with the desired marketing angle. Their preserved flowers are the ideal corporate gifts for Singapore and the rest of the business world, be it to celebrate a launch, a business milestone or simply to thank customers.


Customised gifts for special occasions


Corporate gifts aside, individuals who are celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and graduation, often face difficulties finding a truly unique gift which has a personal touch to it. We have got exactly what you are looking for. We believe that flowers have a way of saying what words cannot, and hence create customised gifts which incorporate long-lasting preserved flowers to express your feelings. Following are some occasions where our gifts were customised to our customers’ needs to create extraordinary memories.

A magical gift for the Harry Potter fanatic
Speaking of magic, here’s a specially designed Bluetooth speaker embedded in a flower dome made with preserved flowers to portray the recipient’s love for Harry Potter! As requested by the customer, our floral artisan arranged blue and black flowers beautifully in the glass dome with complementing embellishments to craft this one-of-a-kind design, which she was absolutely delighted with. Gazing at the enchanting design while listening to Harry Potter theme music would definitely have been Hogwarts on earth for the recipient!

Blue and black rose in glass dome with the bluetooth speaker embedded inside and black base. Behind is harry potter book in the background.

A glowing anniversary gift
Every anniversary is a special milestone that is celebrated by couples. One of our customers surprised their significant other on their anniversary in a unique and memorable way – with our personalised flower dome with their anniversary date printed in gold vinyl. What a sweet way to say ‘I love you with all my heart forever’ with red and pink preserved flowers that last for years!

2 red and pink preserved flowers in lit-up bluetooth speaker with glass dome

The best accessory for the best pal
Our gorgeous bag charms are one of our best sellers, loved by many as a gift for any occasion. They come in a range of colours; some coupled with birthstones and gemstones. Our customer wanted a simple yet long-lasting and attractive gift for her friend, which defines our bag charms. We added on the friend’s name on the charm which made it a very personal and thoughtful gift. The charms may not be a gift great in size, but they surely pack a punch!

Customise Your Gift Experience V2

There is an overwhelming number of gifts available out there. However, do they make the recipient feel special? Affirm your relationship, be it with your teammates, clients or friends, with BloomBack’s unique, customised gifts for any occasion. You will thank us for it!

Check out our full collection of flowers and gifts, and let us know how we can customise it for you!