Whether it is a fun corporate event for your clients, or a team building workshop for your team to relax and unwind,

we at Bloomback Singapore will guide you through the steps in making your very own floral arrangement!

To make this creative workshop-for-good even more special, choose to donate your finished arrangement to one of

BloomBack’s beneficiaries.

Preserved Flower Dome/Bouquet

Unleash your creativity as you learn how to arrange real flowers that will last years without any maintenance

Preserved Flower Charms

Create your own unique version of our best selling Flower For Hope Charms that you can carry with you wherever you go

Dried Flower Dome/Bouquet

Pick up skills on how to arrange dried flowers and style them into our popular designs or your very own way

Fresh/*Repurposed Flower/Bouquet/Vase

*Flowers from events that are given a second lease of life


Calm your mind, body and soul in this first of its kind fitness therapy involving putting together a mason jar fresh flower arrangement as you carry out specially designed somatic movements.

Beneficiary Instructor

Most of our workshops will be co-instructed by Faith, one
of BloomBack’s beneficiaries.

Despite her sight and hearing impairment, Faith has risen
from being a florist trainee, into a skillful trainer who has
guided other beneficiaries and even independently
conducted corporate workshops on a larger scale.

Our Workshops-for-good support women like Faith by
giving them the opportunity to not only gain useful skills
for potential employment, but also regain self-confidence

We may take photographs, and make audio and video recordings during the service.
Such content will be owned and used by Bloomback for publicity and promotion, and
to fulfill our mission.