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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For every 5 pink bell jars sold*, Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) will sponsor 1 mammogram for marginalised women under the care of BloomBack.
BloomBack partners PCC to raise awareness for breast cancer. Early detection of breast cancer can save lives… and breasts.


Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

Women aged 30 and older: Breast Self Examination should be done once every month
Women aged  40 to 49: Mammogram should be done once every year
Women aged 50 to 69: Mammogram should be done once in every 2 years

For more information about breast cancer screening, please call 6250 0888 to find out more.

Breast Self-Examination


Did you know?

“Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women in Singapore. However, with better awareness, women are detecting breast cancer earlier, which leads to better treatment outcomes and survival rates.”
– Dr See Hui Ti, Senior Consultant, Parkway Cancer Centre

In partnership with

* Terms & Conditions:
– “Units”/”pink bell jars” refers to our pink coloured “Be Our Guest” bell jars
– PCC will sponsor up to 50 mammograms
– This campaign will end on 10 Nov 2017

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