Celebrating You
Celebrating You

Birthday Gifts

Wondering how to make an upcoming birthday special?

Surprise your loved ones with the royal treatment this year and add a little BloomBack sparkle to their life with one of our delightful flower gifts! Just a pinch of thoughtfulness, a dash of well wishes, and an abundance of love is more than enough to make it the best day ever!

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Real Reviews by Happy Customers

mohd esa abdullah
mohd esa abdullah
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Delivery was very prompt and excellent support from the CS/Admin to answer to my inquiries and arrangements. Well done.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
This was my first time ordering a birthday gift for my wife. The ordering interface was very easy and simple to use for my inputs. The gift was delivered as mentioned in the Bloomback website “Same Day Delivery”. My was was very surprised and impressed with the gift and the way it was all done up. I would say the overall service from Bloomback was very professional. Last but not least, I would like to thank Hazel for patiently answering my queries over the phone.
Kenneth Ong
Kenneth Ong
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friendly, efficient and patient customer service! will definitely engage them again!
Mandy Chan
Mandy Chan
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Fantastic service and prompt delivery. Definitely be one of my to go to for any gift delivery. Thanks Bloombackm keep that standard up!
Muddy rhu
Muddy rhu
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Worth the last minute purchase! Really thank u and your team!
Andy LEE
Andy LEE
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Beautiful gift for someone. Boxing made it even more premium looming. Ordered night before + they could confirm delivery by noon next day. Superb service.
Joseph Lim
Joseph Lim
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Very nicely packed and very beautiful flowers
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Kenneth Wong
Kenneth Wong
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Why gift a bouquet that lasts (at most) 2 weeks, when she can carry it with her for years? Thank you for putting a smile on my wife's face again!


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Signature Charms

Glass Domes

3 in 1 LED Bluetooth Speaker

Premium Giftsets

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Every arrangement is one of a kind as they are handcrafted by batch. Do note there may be slight variations in tones and textures of the arrangement due to the nature of flowers and materials used. Minor bubbles on glass domes are not considered defects as they may form naturally during the heating and shaping process.

Yes you can, there will be a customisation fee starting from $30. Reach out to us via WhatsApp us here or email us at happiness@bloomback.org regarding your interest, we’d love to help! Do note materials are subject to availability.
Yes, our LED Domes are battery operated with triple A batteries that are provided.
Yes you can, there will be a customisation fee starting from $30. Reach out to us via WhatsApp us here or email us at happiness@bloomback.org regarding your interest, we’d love to help! Do note materials are subject to availability.
Preserved flowers react based on its surrounding such as humidity and hence we only offer warranty for our Preserved Flower Bluetooth Speaker.  However, do reach out to us via Whatsapp here or email us at happiness@bloomback.org if you come across any concerns regarding your preserved flower arrangement. We’ll be happy to advise!  For information on our exchange and refund policy, please refer here.
Exceeding of character count is not recommended as the characters may encircle the glass dome and may not be as readable. However, we can provide an extension of maximum 2 characters on a case by case basis depending on the *peak season. Reach out to us via Whatsapp here or email us at happiness@bloomback.org to enquire about your order 😊  *Peak season = November to December, February, and May
You may find cheaper options in the market but what we are offering here is really a PEACE OF MIND promise knowing that you are getting the BEST products and services from us. That is why we are willing to offer MONEYBACK Guarantee because we are confident in what we are providing to help you express the most important feelings when you gift - Love.
Our flowers typically last up to 2 years without any wilting and can last much longer if displayed under good conditions. However the colour of the roses are expected to fade with time. We recommend displaying your dome in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight for the best and longest lasting results.
We offer same day delivery in Singapore for orders made by 2pm that day (for weekdays).
Standard Delivery
  • Flat fee of $10* (Free for orders $150 and above)
  • 10am-6pm
  • 4-9pm (Weekdays only)
* This fee may be changed during peak seasons such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day due to increased fees by our logistics partners Express Delivery 2 hour express (a fee of $10 is applicable on top of the standard delivery fee) * We are closed on certain Public Holidays (These dates will be blocked out in the calendar during check out) ** Delivery slots will be adjusted during peak seasons during Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day
You can opt between the below 2 during check out in case the recipient is not around:     1. Leave at front door/reception If the recipient cannot be reached, the order will be left at the door/reception/entrance of the address stated.       2. Contact recipient for redelivery If there is no one available or if the location does not permit collection of the gift on their behalf, the order will be returned to our office. In such a situation, we will contact you to pick up the item on another date. If a redelivery is required, there will be a fee of $10.
Yes, we offer international shipping for the below items! 
  •  Personalised Birthstone Bag Charms 
  • Acrylic Flower Frames. 
  • Aromatic Flower Soap
For list of supported countries, please refer to the checkout address country selection list. If your desired country is not in the list, reach out to us via Whatsapp here or email us at happiness@bloomback.org to enquire about delivery to that country 😊
  Click here for more Shipping & Returns FAQ
Reviews By Happy Customers

Why Bloomback?

We take pride in offering you curated list of gifts using highest quality and everlasting preserved flowers. Paired with our personalised services, our floral arrangements can definitely touch the hearts of your loved ones.

SAME DAY Delivery Available

Feeling stressful about last minute gifting? We're here to help you deliver the gift on the day itself!

Deeper Than Any Ocean


Occasions Reference
Occasions Reference

What are Preserved Flowers?

Isn't She Wonderful

Why Preserved Flowers make a GREAT Gift

Flowers are capable of being the voice when words are not enough. They are the perfect expression for any sentiment. Whether it's to show love, appreciation, celebration or condolence.

Isn't She Wonderful

More than just an eye-candy, flowers also have proven health benefits

Benefits of Flowers

Made of Top-Notch Quality Blooms

Our creations allows you to appreciate the happiness flowers bring into peoples’ lives without having to watch them wilt—ever!

Top Notch Quality Blooms
Top Grade Rose
Low Grade Rose
Money Back Guarantee

* Learn more

National Brand Recognition under Made with Passion

Uniquely Designed and Handcrafted in Singapore

As a social enterprise, we offer inclusive training and employment of individuals in marginalised community such as the visually impaired, and elderly. 

Learn more about beneficiaries and the hands behind your gifts here!


❥ More than 70,000 hours contributed to inclusive training and hiring

❥ Repurposed more than $100,000 worth of event flowers

❥ Positively impacted the mental health of more than 2000 lives

Our Mission

Help Save Our Planet Together we can do more

Save Our Planet

Did you know Preserved flowers are actually a greener choice? Their long-lasting qualities reduce the amount of water, energy, and fuel required during farming and transportation, which leaves a much lower carbon footprint.

  • Energy Saving
  • Environmentally-friendly, using less chemicals
  • Produces less waste

Learn more about BloomBack’s best sellers

Everyone knows that gift giving should come from the heart.

But not many will tell you how difficult gift giving may be. Gifts are an expression of love and tell your recipient that you were thinking about them. A thoughtful gift speaks volumes and touches the soul. This is why we believe it is important to give meaningfully by selecting the perfect gift for their special occasion.

It’s hard to start somewhere when you may not have an idea of what you want to get. While you have spent time scrolling through the internet to search for gift ideas, you’re still as stumped as before. No matter how close you are to that special person, no matter how long you’ve spent with them, sometimes we all still struggle with thinking of unique gift ideas that will resonate. It is their day, and we all want our gifts to demonstrate the love and admiration we have for them contributing greatly in our lives. 

To help you select a quality present for that someone, BloomBack has a hassle free solution for you. Lift the weight off your shoulders by impressing them with a token of appreciation and affection from our specially curated gifts here. As a trusted online florist and gifts shop, we understand the complexity of choosing the right fit for that someone. With our experienced artisans, you can be sure that your gift is in good hands.

Diverse selection of gifts

People are like flowers. Just as there are a myriad of flowers, people have many diverse personalities, and Bloomback provides gifts which suits all. Be spoilt for choice with the vast array of preserved flowers available to cater for your every need. No matter which occasion, our all in one artisanal gifts are designed to make a lasting impression and make your loved one beam with delight.

From preserved Flower Glass Domes, Bluetooth Speakers to Bag Charm accessories, explore our curated list of customers' favourite beautiful and statement making pieces. Home is where the heart is, so our luxurious Preserved Flower Domes and Bluetooth Speakers are able to spruce up their living space. Watch their faces light up when you create an element of surprise by adding our exclusive Premium Surprise Gift Box for the ultimate unboxing gift reveal experience.

For a more memorable and personalised gift, go for our wide range of Personalised Birthstone Bag Charms which are available in different colours, including your recipient’s! If you’re torn between choices, pamper your loved one with the best of both worlds through our specially curated gifts sets which are elegant and value for money. No matter what you pick, these quality gifts are the key to representing your heartfelt feelings.

Reliable customer service

Still indecisive? Speak to our skilled team over Whatsapp customer service to get a clearer picture about what you’re looking for. At BloomBack, we take all your considerations at heart. You can leave it to us to curate aesthetically thoughtful and personalised gifts to convey your thoughts and feelings.

Same day delivery

Whether you’re a last minute or overthinking gifter not sure on what to get, we have all your considerations at heart. With guaranteed same day delivery, Bloomback is your go to one-stop reliable and trusted online florist. Put your mind at ease with our professional service standards and quality assurance that your gifts will reach your recipient safely, timely on their special day.

Immortalising memories with preserved flowers

There is no better way to eternalise your precious memories with long lasting and environmentally friendly preserved flowers from Bloomback. Compared to fresh or dried flowers, preserved flowers last for years while being kept at a low maintenance, still appearing just as vibrant as the day it was crafted.

Preserved flowers are real flowers that undergo a high-tech process to transform them into beautiful display pieces that require little to no maintenance. The technology is 100% eco-certified, meeting stringent international environmental standards. Despite looking exactly like fresh flowers, preserved flowers’ lifespan is more than 100 times of fresh flowers. They actually last up to 3 years and are suitable for everyone, since they are free of alcohol and allergen. 

Empowering disadvantaged communities

With your support, we empower individuals from marginalised communities, including the training of our beneficiaries.

Our experienced floral artisan, Aunty Alice was once a hawker who struggled to make ends meet while single-handedly raising 3 children. After joining BloomBack, she discovered her hidden passion for floral arrangement. Today, she handcrafts all our floral gifts with love and precision. Faith, another floral artisan at BloomBack is visually and hearing impaired. Suffering from depression years ago, she has since regained a sense of dignity through her craft as an artisan, and was able to find a renewed sense of purpose and acceptance of herself.

While it is a small effort, you can contribute to making waves of impact by purchasing gifts in our collection. Together, we can provide a safe refuge and heal marginalised communities in our society.