How do you find that perfect birthday gift for your mother, father, sibling, or a best friend? The best birthday gift your loved ones can receive is one that is thoughtful and meaningful. At BloomBack, there is a wide variety of gifts handcrafted by marginalised individuals to cater to the different tastes and interests of your loved ones. While giving our preserved flower arrangements to your loved ones, you are also doing good for the community by changing the lives of these individuals. Here are some suggestions to help you find the most suitable gift set for your friends and family. 


Birthday Gift Sets 


Luxe Birthday Gift Set - Isn't She Wonderful (LED)

Birthday Gift Sets

At BloomBack, we have designed a few unique birthday gift sets. Each birthday gift set consists of our preserved flowers arranged in a glass dome and a birthstone charm. You can choose to decorate your home with our glass domes that can brighten the atmosphere instantly with the beauty of our flowers. Give your bags a makeover with our birthstone charm that can be attached as an accessory to add a sense of taste and elegance.  

You can choose to personalise the gift specially for your loved ones. One of these options include the addition of a personalised text on the glass dome. This text could be the recipient’s name, how the recipient is addressed or a special date. For instance, you could surprise your mother with our birthday gift set with the word “Mom” on the glass dome to make the gift more special for her. Besides, there is a unique birthstone for each month with the option for you to add the names or initials of your loved ones to the birthstone charm. These options add a personal touch to the birthday gift for your loved ones and make the gift more memorable. 

Not only are the preserved flowers in our glass domes and charms able to last for years, they do not require any additional maintenance from customers. This makes it a fuss-free and long-lasting gift for your friends and family members. Furthermore, our flowers are preserved using certified eco-friendly means, which appeals to your loved ones who value the environment and the sustainability of practices.


LED Dome Collection


LED domes collection

LED Flower Glass Domes

Other than our special birthday gift sets, you can consider choosing a gift set from our LED Dome Collection. This collection consists of our glass domes that are equipped with LED lights. Being more than just a form of household decor, these LED lights can double up as a night lamp by illuminating our flowers in the dark. Light up the lives of your loved ones with our wide collection of LED domes

For your friends who are music lovers, you can consider the gift sets equipped with Bluetooth Speakers and LED Lights. Your friends and family can look forward to winding down after a busy day with some music while enjoying the beauty of our flowers in a relaxing atmosphere. 

Shine Your Light Led

Shine Your Light (LED and Bluetooth Speaker)

Beyond the practical functions of the LED lights and Bluetooth Speakers, we curate gift sets that symbolise the personalities and relationships between our customers. Such examples include our “You are Worthy” and “Perfect Love” gift sets. If these gift sets represent your relationship with your loved ones, you can consider these as birthday gifts for them. Gift your best friend one of these sets to let him or her know how much you appreciate your friendship on their birthday. This makes a more meaningful gift for your friend to know how much they mean to you with the special message behind each gift set. 


BloomBear Gift Sets


Rose Soap Bouquet Gift Set

Classic Birthstone Charm And Rose Soap Bouquet Set

To the little child in us who adore soft toys, our BloomBear Gift Sets make the perfect gifts. This new collection offers you an option of pairing our very own BloomBear with a charm or a glass dome. 

There are personalization options available for the BloomBear with the addition of a lettering of your choice to the plushie. Some customers have added the first letter of the names of their loved ones, making the birthday gift a more special and unique one. 

Close Up


Our Customers’ Gifting Experiences


ISL & Charm Gift Set

Gift Sets

Many of our customers love our preserved flower gifts! We have received many kind words on their gifting experiences and how the gifts have made their day. Here is what they have to say. 

“Thank you BloomBack for offering such a great variety of design and colours. My wife and I love the flowers! I also really appreciate your gift delivery and customer service. You made it possible to surprise my wife with a birthday gift which reached our doorstep within the same day!”  – Haziq

Another customer, Alfred expressed his gratitude for BloomBack’s quick replies on WhatsApp. He also thanked BloomBack for the recommendations we gave that made a great birthday gift for his fiance. 

“Bought this beautiful dome called ‘You Are Beloved’ for my dad’s birthday and he loved it! I added on ‘papa’ on the dome to make it special for him. We love that these flowers last for years and are suitable as gifts for both men and women!” – Clara


Isn't She Wonderful (LED)

Glass Domes

When you purchase with BloomBack, it goes beyond getting beautiful gifts for your loved ones. You are also supporting the marginalised community by giving them a chance to be trained and employed. We believe in the power of flowers to restore and empower individuals. Thus why our gift sets are handcrafted by artisans from the marginalised community. 

With this list of recommendations, we hope that you will find a thoughtful and meaningful birthday gift for your loved ones. To make your gifting experience fuss-free, BloomBack offers same-day birthday gift delivery services in Singapore and free gift delivery for orders above $150. You can check out this page for more information. 


By Clara Lim

BloomBack Volunteer Writer