Empowering You

BloomBack is collaborating with Cornerstone Group, a financial advisory team, for an initiative to support our social cause.
Over the years, we have witnessed individuals struggle in life due to their inability to manage their finances well. We feel that with proper guidance and advice, people can be empowered to make wiser choices. Together, we’ve identified areas of concern (Critical Illness and Children’s Education) and have prepared short infographics on it.

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This collaboration will allow us to shed light on the importance of proper and holistic financial planning. To do this, we have partnered with Cornerstone Group to provide 1-to-1 financial advisory sessions. This will be an amazing opportunity for you to gain useful and valuable knowledge.
At the same time, by attending these sessions, you will be able to support our social cause as for each of your attendance, you will receive BloomBack’s aromatic rose soap (U.P. $18) sponsored by Cornerstone Group!
This experience will make it effortless for you to support our social cause of empowering marginalised individuals who currently make up 50% of our team through skills training and inclusive employment. You can contribute to our cause and gain new knowledge for yourself through this meaningful collaboration.
Hear what they have to say!
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