A Mother’s Day with BloomBack

Being a single mother is never easy. Much less being a single mother with three children.

At BloomBack Singapore, socially conscious floral and lifestyle brand, our very own Auntie Alice is known for bringing her dearest children up single handedly.

Working at BloomBack as a florist, mastering in her crafts and taking pride in arranging every single piece of dome from her ever skillful hands. All her work have managed to amaze everyone who takes a glimpse at it.

This Mother’s Day, we have decided to ask Auntie Alice some questions on motherhood for her to share her thoughts about being a mother:

1. Favourite food to cook for your children?

My children aren’t particular with any food. They eat everything that I cook for them. Faith bursts out laughing upon hearing this. But recently they have been craving for “Mala” a lot. They just love spicy food.

2. Best place that a mom can bring her children to?

Back in the days, I was always busy with work, you know being a single mother, there wasn’t really any time to go out. But when we do have time, I always bring my kids out for shopping, you know just walking around, looking at things and just spending time together.

3. Any good ways for a mom to reduce her stress?

For me personally, when I feel stress or upset, I tend to just sing my favourite song or listen to some good music that I like. It just makes me feel better.

4. The most important lesson to teach your children?

When they were young, I always told them to focus on their study, to do well in school. Fortunately for me, they were all very “guai” and always listen to me.

5. What are some of the most challenging things as a mom?

I feel that one of the hardest things for me as a mom was not being to take care of my kids when they were sick. I was always busy with work, trying to support my kids, so I wasn’t able to be there to take care of them.

But they are all grown up and can take care of themselves now, so all is good. Auntie Alice smiles upon saying this.

Faith also said it wasn’t easy for Auntie Alice in the past, as they had been very naughty at times.

6. What are some of the most rewarding things as a mom?

I feel that in general, once my kids have grown up and can do things on their own, it is a sense of accomplishment. It was a very difficult time but I am glad all my children are doing well now.

7. What makes a good mother-child relationship?

I think, being able to listen to each other with an open heart and trying to understand one’s difficulty is important. Another aspect which I feel that is important as well is that there should not be any judging done by anyone in the family. We should listen to each other with an open heart and never pass judgement on one another.

8. What is something that all moms will like?

I think I won’t have physical items that I would like. To me it’s very simple, just spending time, quality time with my children is something that I very much enjoy deeply.

Before all of us started to work in BloomBack, we rarely see each other’s face. It wasn’t so bad for Faith, as I still got to see her at home. But for Hazel, she’s just always so busy with work.

But now it’s all good, we get to see each other every day here, working together, seeing Hazel and Faith and talking to Alan. Auntie Alice gave us another warming smile before looking at Faith.

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