1. They last longer than fresh cut flowers.
The general lifespan of fresh cut flowers is between 1-2 weeks. Preserved flowers can last you up to 3 years generally, though some can even last up to 10!

2 preserved roses and foliage encased in glass dome

2. They really cost cheaper than fresh flower bouquets.
An average price of a fresh rose bouquet starts from $70 however they can only last you up to a week. That would mean that a fresh flower bouquet costs $10 a day. An average price of a preserved flower jar starts from $79 but it can last you the entire year and even longer. That boils down to just a few cents a day!

3. They require zero maintenance.
Preserved flowers do not need sunlight nor do they need to be watered. Your flowers never wilt and you do not need to remove dry leaves or replace the flower periodically. You will always have beautiful flowers!

4. Preserved flowers are great for everyone and suitable for any settings!
With preserved flowers you will never have to worry about allergies, making it suitable for individuals who could be sensitive to pollen.

In places where it is not possible to decorate with fresh flowers and plants due to the lack of sunlight and the continuous necessity to water and care for plants, preserved flowers serve as a great alternative and they never attract insects and bugs!

5. You can be environmentally friendly and socially conscious!
Mother Earth is calling out to you! Water conservation efforts are important. Because preserved flowers do not require water, you also save a lot of water in the process of decorating your home and spaces.

Gift one, help another! With every preserved flower purchased from BloomBack, 10% of sales proceeds contributed to the training and hiring of marginalised women. Your flowers are not just for decoration, they are a form of empowerment to someone in need!