With all that our mothers give to us daily, it is without a doubt that we all get frantic while looking for the perfect gift for them. However, looking for that perfect gift to appreciate their efforts need not be so difficult. Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas:

1. Google Home

Photo Credit: Google

Google Home, S$189

With our mothers doing house chores day in and day out, we all seek ways to make their lives a little easier. Google home, which publicises itself as the “Hands-free help around the house”, will be able to give our mothers that ease of access to information, music and many more.

With this, even if their hands are wet while washing your clothes or dirty while busy adding salt into your favourite dish, they will be able to ask google “how is the weather today?” or “play the current top hits from Spotify”. That way, they will be able to continue their tasks at hand while jamming out to their favourite tunes. How wonderful is that for a gift idea?

2. Covenant Jewellery

Photo Credit: Covenant Jewellery

Bloom Diamond 9kt Rose Gold Necklace S$294 (original price: S$490)

Mothers love donning themselves in jewellery for every occasion they can think of. Jewellery spices up any outfit, adding a flare or sometimes even becoming the main piece of the outfit. This year, gift your mother a socially conscious gift from Covenant Jewellery!

Each piece of jewellery that Covenant Jewellery offers is made by the 9 artisans they work within Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Not only are the diamonds ethically-sourced and conflict-free, but the artisans also receive fair pay, benefits, and insurance. Read more about how your Mother’s Day Singapore gift idea could make a difference in their lives here!

3. BloomBack

She’s My Hero (LED & Bluetooth Speaker) S$230

One of the classic Mother’s Day gifts is flowers. Especially if they are from their dearest children. However, at BloomBack, Singapore’s a socially-conscious online florist and lifestyle gifts’ retailer, we offer this gift idea with a twist using preserved flowers. Preserved flowers, unlike fresh flowers, are able to last much longer. Up till 3 years on average, and requires low to no maintenance! Giving your ever busy mum one lesser hassle.

Not only is BloomBack’s She’s My Hero, a preserved flower dome a sight to behold, but it also adds light, literally into your mom’s life with its LED. Fancy something more? Let it play your mom’s classic with its Bluetooth speakers and shower her with your love. Watch the elegance being displayed and listen to pleasure of music here.

Your Floral Gifts Crafted By A Mother Who Single-Handedly Raised Her Children

Our Mother’s Day collection is also a socially friendly gift that is handcrafted by a mother who single-handedly raised all her children. Every purchase doesn’t represent love to one but two mom.

Not only that, we allocate more than 20% of every purchase to hire and train marginalised women in Singapore.

Order your gift from BloomBack now and  surprise your dearest mom with same day delivery if you place your order by 12 noon! Don’t forget to add the hashtag #formomsbymoms.

 4. Anothersole 



Photo Credit:  Anothersole 

Lucie II – Smooth Maca S$109

Walking around all day long, from buying groceries to going for work, having a comfortable shoe is key in every mother’s life. Anothersole offers ergonomic shoes that are made from 100% leather and have a 100% rubber soles, making them a great Mother’s Day gift you can get in Singapore.

These shoes are not only perfect for walking but for each shoe purchased, 10% of the earnings also goes into feeding malnourished children in Vietnam and supporting their futures. Anothersole also works together with World Vision, a humanitarian aid organisation to fund food supplies and support underfunded orphanages through their #Buy1Feed1 initiative. Through your gift for your mom this Mother’s day, not only are you able to give your mom a surprise but also contribute to building sustainable communities for the needy children.

5. Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-2


Photo Credit: Fujifilm

Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-2 S$249

Family pictures, pictures of your pets at home and pictures of sceneries. Our mother’s phones are filled with many different pictures and they are always finding ways to organise them. The Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-2 allows them to print out their favourite images instantly for them to be put up on the fridge or the corkboard. They will be more than delighted to show the recent family vacations or the newborn puppy in pictures to those who stop by the house.

The pictures that we will be taking this Mother’s Day will easily put the Instax SHARE SP-2 into good use. Furthermore, there won’t be problems that normal cameras have where you are unsure if the photos will turn out nice. As Instax SHARE SP-2  allows each and every picture to be edited and checked before printing out!