1. Preserved flowers aren’t the same as dried flowers
Hanging flowers upside down to dry naturally is probably the best-known way of making them last longer. This traditional method of drying flowers causes them to lose their vibrant colour, and their petals and leaves become brittle in the process.

Preserved flowers, on the other hand, look and feel exactly like freshly-cut flowers. Using special non-toxic chemicals, it is possible to retain the bright hues and integrity of the flowers. The re-hydration process also protects the flowers from decay.

2. They last for up to 10 years

Thanks to this advanced technology, preserved blooms can last for at least a year and up to 10 years if you take care of them. Just keep them in low-humidity environments away from direct sunlight.

3. They come in every shade of the rainbow

A medium glass dome featuring 1 violet preserved rose , 2 sky blue preserved rose, blue preserved moss, teal preserved hydrangeas and preserved foliages.

During the preservation process, a flower will lose its natural pigments and become translucent. Chemists must carefully add dye to the re-hydration solution to give it a radiant second life. They can play around with colour so the resulting blooms could be electric blue, jet black, pastel green or even multi-coloured!

4. They are practically zero maintenance

Obviously, you won’t need to water your preserved flowers. And apart from keeping them dry and giving them the occasional dusting to prevent dust from collecting on their delicate petals, there’s very little else they need. This makes them the perfect display piece for your living room or office.

5. You can shop them online from the comfort of your home

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